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Genshin Impact Dating Sim (Hangout Event)

Here's what you need to know about Genshin Impact dating sim and how these Hangout events work.

Genshin Impact is known to constantly push out new updates packed with content. In the 1.4 update “Invitation of Windblume” which is releasing on March 17, 2021, players can also get a Dating Sim. For this, you need to have Adventure Rank of 20 or higher and another condition is to have completed the Song of the Dragon and Freedom quest. If you fulfill both prerequisites, then you will get the invite to join the in-game spring event called Windblume Festival.  Also check out the full procedure to unlock Hangout Events here. But you are here to know more about the Dating Sim in Genshin Impact (Hangout Event), so keep reading until the end.

Genshin Impact Dating Sim (Hangout Events)


gGenshin impact dating sim

As part of the Dating sim activity in Genshin Impact, you will be able to spend some quality time talking to Noelle, Bennett, Barbara and Chongyun via Hangout events. So, if you ever wanted to grow your friendship with these characters, now is the chance! Note that every character mentioned here will have their own events and your interactions will differ as well. Moreover, players can expect multiple endings based on which dialogues you choose which gives it a Dating sim style feature. When you go ahead and unlock the endings, you will get a Hangout Memory illustration and when you unlock the multiple endings, you will get more freebies and rewards, of course!

genshin impact dating mini game


Remember that you will have to spend Story keys to unlock Hangout events. In case you don’t know how to get Story Keys, you have to complete 8 Daily quests/commissions for that. But you have to reach Adventure Rank 26 as well. Once you have claimed Story keys and used them, talk to a character and get to know them better. Your choices in the conversation make all the difference because it will impact the story ending. In case you don’t like a particular ending or the Hangout event ends without a proper ending, you can retry as many times you want. This whole minigame is what makes this section of the game a Dating Sim in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Hangout Event Rewards and Collectibles

genshin impact hangout event rewards


Here are some of the rewards and collectibles you can earn via this activity.

  • Hangout Memory illustration
  • Primogems
  • Some Food
  • Adventure Rank Points
  • Agate Fragments
  • Cards Of Key Moments

This Hangout event is called Series I so there will be more in the upcoming updates with additions or possibly more characters.

That’s everything about the Genshin Impact Dating Sim minigame. There is lots more to do in the 1.4 update and we will be covering it in our Genshin Impact guides so stay tuned to Gamertweak!