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Genshin Impact Amber AR Event: Rewards List

The event has ended, but the rewards are yet to be collected.

MiHoYo’s latest RPG Genshin Impact launched an AR event starring Amber. While a lot many players were unaware of the event, tons of others have actively participated in it. The event asked the players to take a photo of Amber with all six different effects on the game’s official Instagram account. Each effect gave one piece of the puzzle, and collecting all six pieces would complete the task. 50 lucky winners were supposed to be chosen to receive physical gift sets.


If you were unaware of the event, the bad news is that the event has ended. However, if you had participated in the event, the good news is that developers have posted the rewards list on Twitter. In this guide, we will list down all the gifts that you can collect in-game if you had participated in Genshin Impact Amber AR event.

Genshin Impact: Who are The Winners of The Amber AR Event

Everyone who has taken pictures starring Amber in all six effects and has got the pieces of the puzzle for them is a winner. However, the developers will select 50 lucky winners who will get special physical gift sets, while the rest will get in-game rewards.

Genshin Impact Amber AR Event Rewards List


The rewards for the 50 lucky winners who completed the Amber AR event includes the following:

  • Pillow
  • Sticker
  • Badges
  • Acrylic Figurine

amber ar event rewards list

All the other players, along with the ones who are not among the 50 lucky winners, will get the following in-game rewards:

  • Apple (x10)
  • Steak (x10)
  • Pile ‘Em Up (x5)
  • Fisherman’s Toast (x5)
  • Adventurer’s Experience (x10)
  • Fine Enhancement Ore (x10)


You will be able to collect the rewards when you log into the game. But make sure to do that before November 13, 2020, as all the rewards for the Amber AR event will disappear after this date.

That’s everything you need to know about the Amber AR event in Genshin Impact and its reward list. Most of the rewards include ascension materials and cooking ingredients as they are essential to survive in the game. You can use these ascension materials to easily ascend your characters and weapons in Genshin Impact and make them stronger. Cooking ingredients on the other hand are used to prepare food recipes. Read how to cook in Genshin Impact from here. These guides enlist exact locations and best possible ways to farm all the materials that will make your character stronger in the game.