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Should I Cure Genophage in Mass Effect 3?

What happens if you stop Mordin before he fixes the Genophage?

Mass Effect 3 is filled with multiple choices that have a direct impact on your alliances and war assets. In one of the scenarios, you will come across a mission where a choice between curing Gehophase lies in your hand. What is Genophge? it is a biological weapon against Krogan. Made by Turians, it was designed to reduce the number of Krogas by infecting them with mutation. Now you see that one of your allies who is Korgan will not be in favor of the decision. Read to know more about the Cure Genophage choices.

What if you do not cure Genophage?

Mass Effect 3 Save or Kill Mordin

This will lead to chaos with the Krogan alliance in Mass Effect 3. When Mordin chooses to go to the tower you will have time to intervene. You have to shoot Mordin before he enters the lift. He dies and the Genophase remains the same. Wrex will find this out later and attack the commander. He also dies in the process and you will lose your alliance with Krogan. This will reduce your war asset by 150 in Mass Effect 3.

As you see how important it is to cure the Genophase so that the Krogan’s can still trust you. But there has to be a sacrifice. In both scenarios, Mordin is the one who is on the verge of dying.

What if you cure Genophage?

If you choose to let Mordin do his job, he will take the lift and fix the weapon. This will lead to a happy yet sad ending. Because Mordin will not be able to come out alive. Wrex will be thankful for Mordin’s sacrifice and the alliance remains intact. Mordin will be determined from the start to fix the Genophage that you will see during the discussion.

As you can see in both cases Mordin is the one who falls down. If you choose to shoot him, then you also put your friendship with the Krogan’s at risk. It is recommended to go with the Cure part here. Fixing the Genophase and saving the race will give you more power in the latter part of the game. Or else you will lose some power and will have to struggle more.

We will be bringing more tips on multiple choices in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. As it is a combination of all three titles you will land into various multiple choices in all editions. Like Saving or Destroying the Heretics or Saving or Killing the Rachni Queen. These choices will impact the death of the entire race in Mass Effect.