Rewrite or Destroy Geth Heretics In Mass Effect 2?

Confused about what to do with Geth Heretics In Mass Effect 2? Read this guide for answers.

Mass Effect 2 has multiple choices which can have a deeper impact on the gameplay. Certain choices will directly question your conscience. What do you feel about the same, the choice will be still yours. This guide will talk about Mass Effect 2 Geth Heretics. During Legion’s Loyalty Mission you will learn the virus issue with Geth. You will be thrown a choice of destroying Geth Heretics or rewrite it. Here is what to do and the consequence of both choices.

What if I destroy Geth Heretics?

Mass Effect 2 Destroy Geth

Geth’s usually don’t have feelings or emotions like humans. They are corrupted by viruses which are turning into enemies. While talking to Legion you will learn that you can destroy the Geth Heretics. Here you pick to destroy the entire race by doing the same. This will also have an impact on Legion, but this what sounds the best way if you do not want more enemies. You will have to pick a choice – It’s safe to kill them.

Picking this will clear your way, but you will leave with some blood in your hand. This is more of a moral choice and the conversation with Legion sounds he does want to save his race.

What if I rewrite Geth Heretics?

Mass Effect 2 Rewrite Geth

Legion will leave the call on you and it is morally satisfying to write the Geth Heretics. This will also strengthen the Geth’s in the future. Here the Geth’s will continue living. Rewriting Heretics means rewriting their consciousness which will impact the machines. However they will get a chance to live, but who knows if they are the same as before or a new enemy.

This choice is like brainwashing the Geth’s. You are removing out the virus, but they might also lose their personal sense in the process. However Legion confirms that they will be better in the future. Rejoined with the Heretics, the experience will let them become stronger for such infection. But there is no guarantee if they count as you as a friend.

In a similar situation in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you will have a choice to save the Rachni Queen or kill her. Killing her will wipe out her entire race, another moral choice. This choice is part of Mass Effect 1.

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