Which Classes Are Gender Locked In Lost Ark?

Here's our guide on whether classes are gender locked or not in Lost Ark.

Arkesia is home to several captivating characters from diverse classes with their advanced sub-classes in Lost Ark. Before you start with Lost Ark, you need to choose a class and their advanced classes to begin with. There are mainly five classes and 15 advanced classes collectively. Each character has different attributes along with extensive lore and a wide range of attacks. But the question in place is are these characters in the classes and sub-classes gender locked? So, find out whether classes are gender locked or not in Lost Ark.

Which Classes in Lost Ark are Gender Locked?

lost ark classes gender locked

The answer to this question is yes. There are some classes and their advanced classes that are gender locked in Lost Ark. This reduces the scope to try out the characters from different classes and advanced classes in an alternate gender. Mentioned below are all the classes and their advanced classes with their genders:

Bard Female
Sorceress Female
Shadow Hunter Female
Deathblade Female
Striker Male
Wardancer Female
Scrapper Female
Soulfist Female
Gunslinger Female
Artillerist Male
Dead Eye Male
Sharpshooter Male
Berserker Male
Paladin Male
Gunlancer Male

While there are no female counterparts in the Warrior classes, there are no male counterparts in Assasin and Mage classes. Thus, making these entire classes gender locked. Currently, there is no way to change the gender of a certain class and their advanced classes. But Smilegate has confirmed in their blog post to add more counterparts for classes that are gender locked in the future. Thus opening a possibility for a male counterpart in Mage class or a female counterpart in Warrior class. While this may all come to Arkesia in time, meanwhile you can change your character’s appearance with different customizations in Lost Ark.

That’s all on whether classes are gender locked or not in Lost Ark. If you liked this guide, make sure to check our guides on which class is best to play and how to get to Rohendel in Lost Ark right here on Gamer Tweak.