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Gears Tactics: Beginners Guide (7 Essential Tips and Tricks)

Know what to do (and what not to do) in Gears Tactics as a beginner

Gears Tactics is a turn-based tactics game which is a spin-off of the ever-popular Gears of War franchise. Since it’s a strategy game, newcomers might need some essential tips to survive and succeed in Gears Tactics. If that’s what you are looking for, then this guide is perfect for you. Keep reading to find out some helpful Gears Tactics beginner tips.

Gears Tactics Beginner Tips Guide


These 7 Gear Tactics tips will give you an edge in the game, as well as unveil some hidden secrets that you might not know.

Time for Execution

If you want some AP after you have defeated an enemy, all you have to do is kill them. Often, when your enemies’ health is low, they will drop to the ground. Here, you have to go ahead and execute them. This will reveal a gory cutscene which will be a treat to watch. The advantage of doing this is that every member of your team will earn this AP except for the person performing the execution. This is tricky because the person who executes gets into danger, but the extra AP that your squadmates will get after this will make them thank you for it.


Choose a Good Squad

Choosing a good squad will greatly affect your success in the game. For every kind of mission, think carefully about the character that will help you the most. Note the strengths of every character, understand the mission properly and allocate your sqauds in appropriate situations to maximize impact. Since characters can only go on one side mission per chapter, you need to pick your characters carefully and wisely.

Overwatch is Key


Overwatch is very essential in Gears Tactics. What Overwatch does is that it lets you place cones of vision on an area of your choice and basically, shoot anything that passes through or into that cone. This kill-zone is a good way to foil enemy plans and cause some deaths. It’s important to note that every weapon will have a different cone of fire, so each of those weapons will create different effects. The sniper has a long and thin cone while the shotgun has a wider cone, so pick according to your requirements. Also remember that the number of AP points you have remaining will be the number of shots that are fired in Overwatch.

Make Use of Grenades

Although they have a long cooldown period, grenades are ideal if you want to wipe out hordes of enemies in one go. Grenades like the Frag grenades can kill smaller enemies and gravely damage bigger ones. But apart from damage, grenades can even heal in Gears Tactics. Yes, that’s the stim-gas grenade can heal or revive your squadmates. When you throw a stim grenade, any damaged member of your team will heal up. One of the main things in Gears Tactics is to know when to use a grenade and when not to. As you keep playing, you will encounter various situations where you need to save a grenade and some scenarios where you must use it.


Close up those E-holes

The Gears of War e-holes are back in Gears Tactics. Emergence holes, or e-holes for short, are openings on the ground through which hordes of locusts emerge on the surface. Groups of foes will keep spawning from these holes and they can also attack in that same turn. So, to ensure that not many enemies come out of it, make sure to close the emergence holes quickly. To know if a potential emergence hole is about to open, you will be shown a crack in the ground, not long before it actually opens up.

How to close emergence holes in Gears Tactics? You can close the e-hole by using frag grenades which will close it from a nearby distance. From a distance, Torque Bow shots and Boomshots will do the trick. If you use the Grenade Plant ability though, you will be able to close the e-hole instantly and block your opponents from showing up on the surface. You can also use a Proximity Mine to close the hole and kill all enemies before they get a chance to rear their ugly heads.

Collect the Chests

Always make sure to scan for any loot cases on the map that you can grab. These chests or cases have a colored circle around them and are easy to locate even in the fog of war. Inside these loot cases, you will find weapon mods or armor upgrades that will come in very handy as you go ahead. Make a plan about how you will collect them all before heading out.

Revive your Squadmates

Revive your team members by using the revive ability quickly. That’s because if you don’t do this, the horde of locusts will have them executed soon. The good thing is that using the revive ability will give them three actions. As much as possible, keep the self-revive ability for overwhelming situations because it will only provide one action at the price of 25% of their health bar.

So these were some of the Gears Tactics Beginners tips for your survival and eventual victory. Want more tips and tricks? Then, find out how to level up in Gears Tactics.