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How to Level Up In Gears Tactics – Tips and Tricks

Level up Fast

Gears Tactics has a Level cap system, you won’t be able to unlock legendary items if you do not hit the level. If you are looking for tips on how to reach level 10 in Gear Tactics then here is a guide for you. There are few things you can do to level up quickly in Gear Tactics, even though there are repetitive missions you can still have enough room to upgrade your character with rare legendaries.

How to Level Up in Gear Tactics?


There are two kinds of missions capable of rewarding you enough XP to level up your character. Focusing on these two will help you to rank higher and unlock new challenges as wells as rare items in Gear Tactics.

Control Missions:

The first type of mission you must focus on is Control Missions. The core objective of winning Control Missions in Gear Tactics is captured in different zones and collect supplies. You have to first take control of a zone and collect supply from it, gathering 10 supplies will complete the mission. The benefit of playing Control Mission is that you can kill a lot of enemies, they will keep on re-spawning and you can take them down earning non-stop XP’s during the mission.


Veteran Missions:

Veteran Missions are not available at the start, you will have to complete the game to unlock this mode. Once you are done with the campaign you will unlock different modes, playing through this will help you to level up faster in Gear Tactics. You will be somewhere around Level 6 or higher when the game is over. You can repeat everything in Veteran Mode, and level up further.

Following these two missions will help you to level up fast in Gear Tactics. To make your character stronger focus on Armor upgrades. Visit the Barrack where you can find new items, add them to your load-out. For example Purple is Epic and Blue are Rare. White one is common items. Arrange them in a way you can understand their level and use them for upgrades. There are cases also that unlock new upgrades.


Focusing on the right weapon and proper armor upgrade will ease your job allowing you to win matches in Veteran mode.