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How To Get Gallium In Warframe (2023) – Best Places

Here is how you can get and farm Gallium in Warframe.

Gallium is an important yet rare resource in Warframe. Gallium is a metal that is used for higher-tech weaponry. This is mainly for Corpus weaponry and equipment that you may need to craft in the game. In this guide, we will show you how to get Gallium and the best places for farming it in Warframe.


Best Places to Farm Gallium in Warframe

Best Places to Farm Gallium in Warframe

The way to get and farm Gallium in Warframe is through missions on Mars and Uranus. You will find it in clusters with multiple pieces in the same. You can start with Mars for some early farming and then move to Uranus to start farming heavily.

Mars is easier to go to when you start as it drops Gallium in small amounts but the enemies that you face here aren’t too difficult to go against. However, Uranus will provide more of this precious resource as it drops often when you defeat multiple enemies. And so, you should go to Uranus when you need tons of Gallium in Warframe.


While both are great places to farm, Uranus offers more resources that you will need in the game. This makes Uranus a better place to farm. Based on our research, the best place to farm Gallium is in Ophelia, Uranus.

Both planets have a great chance at dropping Gallium through enemies and from containers as well.


Here are all of the places where you will be able to find Gallium:


  • Ara
  • Kadesh


  • Assur
  • Ophelia

Best Warframes to Use when Farming Gallium

There are certain warframes that are better than others when it comes to farming Gallium. Here are some of the best that will increase your farming chances in the game.

  • Nekros
  • Hydroid
  • Khora
  • Nova
  • Trinity

The best for a solo-missions is Nekros as a solo farming Frame. If you want, you can also bring Smeeta Kavat as its charm ability will increase the number of resources that you’ve gathered.

This was your guide on how to get Gallium and the best places for farming the same in Warframe. If you enjoy playing Warframe then check out this guide on how to get, view and upgrade your Mastery Rank.