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How To Get Mastery Rank In Warframe

Need to know how to get, view and upgrade your Mastery Rank in Warframe? This is the guide for you.

Your Warframe Mastery Rank keeps track of a player’s progress in the game. Leveling this up is super tough as it requires you to grind hard. But with the grind comes a ton of gaming time which is always fun. In this guide, we will show you how to level up your Mastery Rank in Warframe and how to view it in the game as well.


How to Get, View and Upgrade Mastery Rank in Warframe

How to Get, View and Upgrade Mastery Rank in Warframe

Your Mastery Rank is the overall ranking system in Warframe that will define your progress in the game. With every rank that you gain, you will unlock new weapons, warframes, and other features in the game. Basically, a higher Mastery Rank equals better gear. However, you can only level up till you reach the Mastery Rank level of 30 in the game.

How to View Your Mastery Rank

You can view your Mastery Rank and progress by following these steps:

  • Press ESC
  • Go to the top left corner of your glyph
  • You should be on your profile now

You will now be able to see your Mastery Rank and more.

How to Upgrade Mastery Rank

To upgrade your Mastery, you must gain Mastery points. You can earn this by leveling up your weapons, frames, companions and by upgrading Archwings. For every weapon that you level up, you can earn 3000 Mastery points max. However, for warframes, this can go up to 6000 Mastery points. Victory at every junction that you play will give you 1000 Mastery points.


The best way to level up your Mastery Rank fast in Warframe is by buying everything and leveling them all up as and when you can. Purchasing a one-week affinity booster for 2x affinity is a great added bonus as well.

What are Mastery Rank Tests

Ranking up requires you to complete certain tests as well. The higher the rank, the tougher the test that you must complete. These tests will not only level up your gameplay but also help you understand the game mechanics as you go.


Failing a test means that you will have to go through a waiting period of 24 hours before you are able to attempt it again. However, you can attempt the same test as many times as you may need. Even if you fail your mastery tests, you can still continue to level up your weapons and gain mastery points in Warframe.

Before you attempt a test, it is wise to practice at Cephalon Simaris. This will help you get your skills up easily before you try another test. This will help you reduce your failure rate in the game.

What Does Leveling up Your Mastery Rank Do?

There are many reasons for you to level up your Mastery Rank in Warframe. From an increased mod capacity to increased Syndicate standings, there are many advantages that you need to take a hold of. Given below are some of the perks that you will get in Warframe from leveling up your Mastery Rank.

  • It helps to increase your daily trading limit
  • Increases the starting mod capacity of your weapons, frames, companions, and Archwings
  • Increases the daily extractor limit in the game
  • Helps to increase the fissures that you collect in the game
  • And finally, it will help you increase your Syndicate standing

You must keep in mind that the equipment will give you mastery only once you reach level 30. Buying new ones or recrafting them doesn’t give you mastery again.

This was your guide on how to get, view, and upgrade your Mastery Rank on Warframe. If you liked this article then check out this one on how to get Orokin Ducats in Warframe.