How To Become The Galactic Emperor In Stellaris

Learn how to proclaim yourself the ultimate authority in Stellaris: Nemesis.

In times of pan-galactic crises like a War with enemies of the collaborative Federations, the Galactic Community may appoint a Galactic Custodian that gives the leader of the most competent empire, a set of federal powers. This disposition and power can be extended to effectively become a Galactic Emperor and declare an Authoritarian Government. In this guide, we will discuss all the political steps you can take and become the Galactic Emperor in Stellaris.

To become Galactic Emperor, your grand strategy should involve space conquers and diplomacy. Particularly with Nemesis expansion, the game introduces various different political structures and power dynamics like the Galactic Senate, Council, and the Imperium. So today we will let you know the easiest way to become one yourself.

How to Become Galactic Emperor in Stellaris

In order to become an Emperor and form your Imperium, you will first need to be elected as the Galactic Custodian by the Galactic Council in your Community. Galactic Communities are formed when at least 3 non-genocidal influential empires agree on forming one.

Once a Galactic Community is 20 years old, member empires with the highest diplomatic weight can form the Galactic Council. This gives you access to a number of sanctions and allows communities and the Core Council to pass reforms during emergency situations.

Stellaris How To Become Galactic Emperor

Galactic Custodian

Now, once you are a part of the Council, you need to pass the ‘Nominate Custodian’ reform. This step will garner more support and pass easily in the Senate if there is an ongoing crisis that threatens the safety of the galaxy.

As for the election and nomination of the Custodian, you will need to use your influence in the galaxy to strong-arm your way to Custodianship. After that, you will have access to a bunch of special powers including altering your Custodian Term Limit.

Galactic Imperium and The Galactic Emperor

Here is your pipeline into assuming complete authority and becoming the Galatic Emperor:

  1. So the first step you need to do as the Galactic Custodian is to push the ‘Remove Custodianship Term Limit’ reform in the Council Senate.
  2. Next, you need to pass the ‘Proclaim the Galactic Imperium’ resolution.
    • This will reform the Galactic Community into the Galactic Imperium and you, being the Custodian previously, will now assume the role of the Galactic Emperor.
  3. Once the Imperium is formed, all the diplomatic federations in the Community will be dissolved. Your Ethics status shifts to Fanatic Authoritarian and unlocks the Galactic Sovereign civic.
    • You also gain access to a number of other resolutions and powers in addition to the former Custodial powers such as freezing electoral sessions.
  4. The achievement ‘With Thunderous Applause’ is unlocked when a Galactic Imperium is successfully established. An important thing to note is that you cannot pass the resolution to proclaim a Galactic Imperium in the event of a War in Heaven between two comparable empires.

That is all you need to know about forming an Imperium and becoming the Galactic Emperor in Stellaris. If you found this article helpful, check out our other article on how to build Gateways in Stellaris on GamerTweak.