How To Build Gateways In Stellaris

Find out how to construct these artificial wormholes for instant intergalactic travel.

Stellaris is a grand-strategy MMO game that involves space exploration of a technologically superior species in a race to conquer the galaxy. This cosmic sandbox game allows players to interact, explore, research and formulate a strategy for expanding your galactic empire. Now of course, an important part of advancing your civilization is transportation. The game offers a number of alternatives for FTL (faster-than-light) travel with hyperlanes and quantum catapulting. But these have their own share of limitations with FTL inhibitors and sometimes having to breach enemy territories. And so Stellaris offers players a number of Bypasses like Wormholes and Gateways that allow for instantaneous travel of your battleships and research vessels. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to do to build Gateways in Stellaris and expand your presence in the galaxy.

How to Make Gateways in Stellaris

Now there are two ways you can use Gateways in Stellaris, that is, either by repairing Disabled Gateways or building your own. Disabled Gateways are abandoned Gateway portal ruins that are scattered across the galaxy reminiscent of a previously larger Gateway network. You can restore these Gateways for 6000 Energy and 2500 Alloys in 2 years by researching and using Gateway Activation. This is an easy way to access Gateways but they will transport you to another random Gateway that gets activated when you reconstruct these Disabled Gateways.

Stellaris How To Build Gateways

  • Once you find a Disabled Gateway, it will offer you the Gateway Activation technology. This, in turn, will offer you the Gateway Construction technology. You need to research these technologies in order to build your own Gateways.
  • Now, all you need to do in order to make your own Gateway portal is use your construction ships and assign the Gateway Construction Site from the Megastructures menu. Simply, go to the outer strip of the galaxy you want to build a Gateway for and place it outside the gravity well border. This will begin the 3-year construction of the Construction Site and cost you 75 Influence and 2500 Alloys.
  • Once the Construction Site is finished building, you can upgrade it to a fully functional Gateway with 6000 energy, 2500 Alloys, and another 3 years. You can now use this Gateway to travel to any other functional Gateway in the galaxy and operate the traffic with either open or closed borders for it.

An important thing to remember is that you need to also have unlocked and researched Mega-Engineering technology in order to build a Gateway. This is because Gateways are mega structures and need that technology. You can even unlock Master Builders in your Ascension Perks to reduce your construction time by 50%.

Now that you know how to build gateways in Stellaris, you can begin building your own extensive Gateway Network and be the most advanced race in the galaxy. If you found this article helpful check out our other Stellaris guides on GamerTweak.