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Days Gone: How to Get Fuel | Find and Refill with Fuel Canisters

How to refill your motorbike fuel

Fuels in Days Gone is used to refill Deacon’s motorbike. Deacon has only one Motorbike in Days Gone and he needs to it keep updated in order to survive longer in the game. Once you motorbike engine stops, its time to refill or repair it. This Days Gone fuel guide will show how to get more fuels and other options to find them easily in the game.

How to Get Fuel in Days Gone

In Days Gone, there are only two ways to get more fuel – One from the Fuel Stations and another from Fuel Canisters. We will explain how both works and how you will get more and easy fuel.

Fuel Stations: If you open the explored Map you can see the Fuel Stations are marked on the map. Here you the option of fuel is infinite, we find the closest station outside O’Leary Mountain Safehouse which is Boozer’s Tower. Once you get inside the safehouse, start driving some fuel barrels to refill your bike.

days gone fuel location

Fuel Canisters: These Fuel Canisters can be scattered all over the world. You can find them on the road, on vehicles, in buildings, and the fixed location is the Nero Checkpoints. If you want it early, head to the nearest Nero Checkpoint and grab them. If you want to locate the Canisters fast then your Bike should run low on fuel(turns orange) and the Map Hud(minimap) will automatically show nearby fuel canister.

days gone fuel location

Tip: Always keep your Fuel Canisters full as a Backup

The Best thing about Fuel Canisters is that they respawn in the same positions once you fast travel and return. That’s all we know about Fuel in Days Gone, make sure you check our other Days Gone Guides and if you have already completed the story then unlock Days Gone Secret Ending.