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Pokemon Scarlet Violet Frigibax: Where To Find & Location

Here is where you can find Frigibax in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Frigibax is a Dragon Pokemon that you should find in Scarlet & Violet. It is easily one of the strongest types in the game. Especially if you are looking for a dual-type Pokemon in your team. So in this guide check out the location where you can find Frigibax in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and how to catch it.


Where To Find Frigibax in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

where to find frigibax in pokemon scarlet violet map location
Thanks to Map Genie for their Interactive Map

You can find and catch yourself a Frigibax in Glaseado Mountain in these games. There is a fixed location where this Pokemon always spawns. This place is east of the Glaseado’s Grasp Fast Travel location. To make its location more precise, it is near the Casseroya Watchtower No. 3.

  1. Fly to the Fast Travel point Glaseado’s Grasp.
  2. Next, move east toward the marked location on the map.
  3. You should find the entrance to a small cave when you reach the right location.
  4. Upon entering, it should say Glaseado Mountain.
  5. You will find yourself a Frigibax along with two or 3 other Pokemon surrounding it. There is a good chance they can be Dragon Pokemon like Gabite or Bagon.

How to Catch Frigibax

The Frigibax you encounter in the above location should be of level 36. So make sure your Pokemon are around that level to help you capture it.

Try taking a Pokemon with a lower level as it will improve the chances of Frigibax not fainting in battle. But also help you to lower its health. Since Frigibax is a Dragon/Ice type Pokemon. It takes 1x damage from Normal moves. So I suggest you attack it with False Swipe when its health is nearly over. Finally, use a Pokeball of your choice and capture it.


That covers this guide on the location where you can find a Frigibax in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and how to catch it. Now that you have a Dragon Pokemon on your team I suggest you EV train it and try playing the game competitively. And for help on any other topics be sure to check our Pokemon Scarlet Violet guides.