Outriders Frequency Quest: How To Break Through The Insurgents’ Stronghold 

Here's a quick guide on how to infiltrate the insurgents' stronghold in Outriders.

Outriders has a staggering number of quests but a few of them have left thousands of players scratching their heads. One such quest is ‘Frequency’, which requires players to infiltrate an insurgents’ stronghold and kill a giant spider named Molten Acari.

Since the game has not explained properly how to break through the insurgents’ stronghold and complete Frequency quest in Outriders, there are thousands of players who have been wondering how to do it and if that’s you then don’t look any further because we have got you covered.

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Outriders Frequency Quest: How To Break Through The Insurgents’ Stronghold

Unlike other quests in Outriders, Frequency is a multi-step quest. As we have mentioned above, it requires you to kill Molten Acari and break through the insurgents’ stronghold. Since infiltrating insurgents’ stronghold in Outriders is not a bed of roses, you will have to keep your eyes open throughout the quest.

You might get caught while infiltrating the insurgents’ stronghold and activating the bunker windows. When you pull the level, the window will be opened. When this happens, a large number of enemies will walk towards you.

They would not leave any stone unturned to get inside the bunker and get you if you take longer than usual time. When they come for you, make sure to take all of them down. When all of them eliminated, no key drops like in the last bunkers.

Notably, you would not be able to infiltrate the door because there are multiple rubbles blocking the door. To break through this bunker, you will have to take a jump.

Now, you will have to head over to the Mountaintop and take down all of the enemies guarding the Radio Tower. Once eliminated, grab the key from the last insurgent you killed and open the door. After that, you will need to send the cable car to Zahedi, which marks the end of the Frequency quest.

That’s everything you need to know about how to infiltrate the insurgents’ stronghold in Outriders. While you are here, you may also like to read about how to fix “No HUD And Crosshair Disappearing” error in Outriders.