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How to Get Free Valorant Points – Two Best Ways To Get Free VP

Want free Valorant Points or VP to buy skins, in-game items, etc then read this guide.

Valorant Point a.k.a VP is the in-game currency you can use to buy skins in Valorant. VP can also be used for unlocking unique items and for purchasing the battle pass. You can always purchase VP coins against real money. But there are few different ways to get free Valorant Points. I am going to update them in this guide. Currently, you might see some methods but do not forget to check this guide back. I will be updating Free Valorant Points methods in this on weekly basis as soon as I find a working one.

How to Get Free Valorant Points?


Valorant VP Points

You can get up to 50 free Valorant Points by submitting your artwork to Riot Games. This is a kind of promotional offer that will help you to win some VP’s for free. But for this, you will have to create a drawing or an art that can impress Riot Games. Here is the full method to participate in the content.

  1. Visit Valorant Support Page
  2. Pick one of the two options: General Game & Feedback or Purchase & In-Game Content.
  3. Attach a scanned copy of your drawing or artwork, and also a thoughtful message will do.
  4. Send the ticket and wait back for a mail from Riot Games.


This is the first way to get free Valorant Points. You can just have to create a drawing and send it to the developer. If it is impressive enough you will earn 50 VP’s for free. The second way to get free Valorant Points is by using Riot’s Gift Cards. They can be purchased via real-world money. Some players have multiple gift cards and they love to share the same. You can go through different Valorant live streaming, game contests, giveaways, to grab a chance of earning and Riot Gift Card.

Another way is by purchasing it from the store directly. Below is the amount of VP points you can grab via Paypal or using CC. The cost of VP change region-wise, you can find out the latest cost in the store.

  • $4.99 – 475 VP
  • $9.99 – 950 VP + 50 VP Bonus = 1000 VP
  • $19.99 – 1900 VP + 150 VP Bonus = 2050 VP
  • $34.99 – 3325 VP + 325 VP Bonus = 3650 VP
  • $49.99 – 4750 VP + 600 VP Bonus = 5350 VP
  • $99.99 – 9500 VP + 1500 VP Bonus = 11000 VP


You can always buy Valorant Points through the store along with in-game items like Skins, Battlepass, etc. If you are looking for help on how to get a refund then hit the link to know more. There is a certain set of requirements to fulfill, that can help return the cosmetic item.