What Should I Do With Juno In Starfield? (Answered)

Check out this guide to know whether you should free or destroy the AI probe Juno in Juno's Gambit in Starfield.

Wondering what you should do with the rogue AI in Juno’s Gambit questline in Starfield? While exploring the star systems players will come across many potential side quests and faction missions. One such side quest, Juno’s Gambit, requires players to make an interesting choice for an AI probe named Juno. The Ryujin Employees that you will interact with during the questline, will let you know that the AI killed one of their members while he was installing a control board. They will ask for your help in attaching the control board again. Here, since the probe has conscious of its own, you will have to decide whether it should be destroyed or left as it is. So if you are wondering about the outcomes of both the choices and what would be the better one amongst them, then here is a guide you should check out further.

Should you Free or Destroy Juno in Starfield?

Before going through the choice and deciding what to do with Juno, it is worth noting that there are no direct consequences to any of the choices you make during the questline in Starfield. Freeing or destroying the probe would not affect your campaign in any manner in the game. However, there are some things to keep in mind while choosing what to do with the AI:

Freeing JunoShould You Save Juno In Starfield

To free and save Juno, you will have to kill the Ryujin Employees named Operative Khambatta and Collins in Starfield. You will have to first interact with the probe and talk to it for a while. After which Juno will tell you to kill the employees instead. Following the orders and killing both the operatives will help you save Juno. Players can then interact with it once again and head back to their ship. After undocking, you will receive around 2000 credits in the game.

There is another method to save Juno without killing the operatives in the game. Players can simply convince operative Khambatta that the AI deserves to be set free. However, players will need to become Ryujin Operative themselves for this option to appear. Selecting the option will let you convince the operative and take them back to Neon. After interacting with Juno again and undocking the ship, the AI will grav drive the ship to another location. This will land you 4300 credits in the game.

Destroying JunoShould You Destroy Juno In Starfield

Players can decide on destroying Juno by attaching the Control Board in Starfield. This will shut down all of the probe’s systems and will make the operatives happy. However, after interacting with the operatives once again and undocking the ship, you will overhear Juno reinitiating its system. The AI will then disable life support on the operatives’ ship, killing them both. After doing so, it will grav drive the ship somewhere else and you will receive 3500 credits.

Everything considered, we would recommend you save Juno instead of destroying it in Starfield. One of the main reasons is, that choosing to destroy the probe will make it angry and you will also be attacked later on. And while this may not affect your campaign in any manner, it will be the better option for the two. There is not much of a payout difference between the options. However, players will also be able to use the Ryujin operative option instead to make many more credits.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will come across the mission randomly in the game. Meaning the moment and the location of the mission differs in each playthrough. So we would also recommend you to take up that Ryujin Operative Job beforehand just so you can earn more credits with it.

That’s everything covered on what you should do with Juno in Starfield. If you find this guide helpful, check out whether you should kill or spare Ron Hope in the game. For even more interesting guides, we would recommend you to go through our dedicated Starfield section, right here on Gamer Tweak.

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