Valorant Fracture: New Upcoming Map Changes Explained

Here is everything you should know about the upcoming map changes for Fracture in Valorant.

Valorant has made some big and significant new changes in Fracture for both sites and players are interested in learning about them. There are a total of 5 of these changes 3 for the A site and 2 for the B site. So in this guide let us quickly check all the new upcoming changes for Fracture in Valorant for both sites.

Fracture Map Changes in Valorant

valorant fracture new changes

There are 5 major changes for Fracture upcoming in some future Valorant update. Here are them for both sites:

  • A Site: 3 Changes
    • Dish
    • Drop
    • Rope
  • B Site: 2 Changes
    • Attacker Site Bridge / B Bench
    • B Site Ramps

Before getting into the details for each of these changes, credit to @floxayyy on Twitter for sharing these changes. Now let us compare and check these changes.

A Site Fracture Changes

Rope: The first thing you can notice at the A site is the changes for Rope. Previously there was no ramp-like area here. But now in the new update, you can check how players can walk there.

  • Before:rope changes before
  • After:rope changes after

Drop: A Drop has also been changed a bit as you can see in both the images, before there were just boxes that you use to could jump up. But now the box has been replaced by a ramp-like structure, and the Drop also looks wider.

  • Before:drop changes before fracture valorant
  • After:drop changes after fracture valorant

Dish: One of the biggest changes that will make a significant impact can be seen at Satelite Dish. Before there were two sides open behind the Dish. But now there is only going to be one side to check.

  • Before:dish changes before
  • After:dish changes after

B Site Fracture Changes

Attacker Site Bridge / B Bench: The attacker side bridge for going to the B site was very narrow. But in the new update, they seem to have widened it up a lot.

  • Before:attacker site bridge changes before
  • After:attacker site bridge changes after

B Site Ramps: This is a very small but much-needed change. The ramps at the B site were kind of awkward and were half ramps half steps. They have now been completely changed to proper ramps.

  • Before:b site changes before fracture valorant
  • After:b site changes after fracture valorant

Do remember since these changes haven’t been officially announced by Riot yet, they can always change further or might not even get implemented at all.

These are all the major new changes on the Fracture map in Valorant for both A and B sites. Be sure to check out our Valorant guides to keep up with more Valorant stuff like the VCT Teams for 2023, heart crosshair settings, the best pro players, and more.

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