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Fortnite: Where To Find And Destroy Gatherers

Easily find the locations of Gatherers.

As Fortnite is entering its fourth week, there’s a whole new set of challenges awaiting players. Two of these week 4 challenges places players in front of Gatherer drones. The two challenges are to destroy Gatherers and deal damage with Gatherer’s remains. Luckily both the challenges can be completed simultaneously. The major challenging task to complete these missions is to locate Gatherers. This guide will walk you through where to find and destroy Gatherers in Fortnite and how to use their remains to complete both the challenges.


Where to Find Gatherers And Destroy Gatherers?

This can be confusing as you don’t have to find Gatherers in the first place because you cannot locate them. So how do you find Gatherers? Well, to find them you will first have to look for Gorger. Gorger is the one who spawns Gatherers from within. It is spawned at random locations on the entire map. To locate a Gorger, follow a red beam shooting between the ground and sky. When you locate a Gorger, he will spawn Gatherers who will attack you.

To complete the first challenge that is destroying Gatherers in Fortnite, you will need to allow Gorger to spawn 20 Gatherers before taking him down. Now, as soon as a Gatherer is spawned you can attack it with your weapon to take it down. When you defeat one of the Gatherer, it will drop down in the ground, and that’s when you need to collect it before it uploads. This will help you complete the second challenge.

How to Deal Damage With a Gatherer’s Remains?

When you collect a dropped Gatherer it will become a weapon. You can use it to destroy the other 19 Gatherers to complete the destroy Gatherer in Fortnite challenge. If you defeat all the remaining Gatherers and Gorger, it will help you reach the target of dealing 10,000 damage points with Gatherer’s remains to complete the second challenge.

Completing both the challenges will give you a total of 75,000 XP points, 25,000 for destroying Gatherers in Fortnite, and 50,000 for dealing damage with their remains.


That’s all you need to know about where to find and destroy Gatherers in Fortnite. Fortnite players are now finding a new “you do not have permission to play Fortnite” error due to some issue from Epic Games end. If you too are facing that error, you can easily fix it. If you are a fan of Marvel and want to unlock skins of superheroes in Fortnite, you can read our awakening guides. We have written awakening guides for various skins in Fortnite such as Mystique awakening challenges, Storm awakening challenges, and Groot awakening challenges.