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Secret Passages In Fortnite: What Are They?

The secret passages can be very helpful to players but what are they? Here's what you need to know.

Fortnite has a lot of interesting features, some hidden and some out in the open. One such feature that was implemented in Chapter 2 was the Fortnite Secret Passage. These passages would let you move to a different location when you hid in them. They acted like teleports and were present in ordinary looking objects in the map. Players have used this to their advantage countless times during matches. So, here’s the question on everyone’s minds – why were Secret Passages disabled in Fortnite? We will answer it in this quick guide.

Fortnite Secret Passages: What are they?

Here’s some information about the Secret Passages and how they work. The Fortnite Secret Passage locations are the Grotto, the Yacht, the Rig, the Shark and many more. Players have to look for toilets or dumpsters to access them. They are placed all over the map so finding them isn’t so hard. Doing this will enable players to switch to a different location on the map easily – all they have to do is hide in them. Plain, simple and fun.

Why were Secret Passages disabled?

First and foremost, according to the Twitter account of Fortnite, they have only disabled this temporarily. Their tweet says that they have done this due to a issue. The issue in question is not known right now but the developers are working on it. Players can expect to see it resolved soon and Fortnite will post a tweet to let everyone know when it is fixed, so keep an eye out for that info.

For now, you will have to resort to some other strategy in order to travel. Since the map is flooded, you can surely ride a shark to get to a different location.

Update: The issue related to traveling through secret passages has been resolved. Now players can go ahead and use them once again!

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