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Damage Loot Sharks in Sweaty Sands – Fortnite Week 1 Challenge

Here's how to damage loot sharks in Sweaty Sands - Fortnite Week 1 Challenge.

In Fortnite Season 3’s water-based challenges, there’s the Aquaman Challenge where players have to use a whirlpool at The Fortilla and then there is this one. “Damage Loot Sharks in Sweaty Sands” is the challenge for the first week and here, we will explain exactly how you can do it.

How to Damage Loot Sharks in Sweaty Sands (Fortnite Season 3 Week 1 Challenge )


Since the map has been flooded, it has also brought along some ferocious and aggro sharks. In this challenge, you are asked to give 200 damage to the Loot Sharks in Sweaty Sands. But to do this, you must first end up on Sweaty Sands. Here’s where you can find it on the map.

Sweaty Sands Location

It is located in the north-western region of the Fortnite map, above Holly Hedges. Here it is:



Once you land there, look for a shark who will be unmissable due to their fins poking out of the water.

Now, all you have to do is shoot at it, ideally with an assault rifle. This will not only help you attack the shark but it will also help against your opponents trying to do the same. Be careful because when the fish swims closer, it can leap out of the water towards you and reduce your health quite a bit. So maintain a distance and unleash the bullets until you deal enough damage. The health bar will tell you how much more of shooting is required and its visible ever from a distance.


Once you do it, your Damage Loot Sharks in Sweaty Sands Fortnite Week 1 Challenge gets completed. Shark spawns are supposed to be rare so if it doesn’t appear immediately, just wait a bit. It will happen eventually. When you kill the shark, you will also receive some loot.

But apart from loot, did you know that you can ride the sharks too? Let’s see how you can do it.

How to Ride a Shark in Fortnite Season 3?



To ride sharks, you need a Fishing Rod which can be acquired through chests and barrels around the area. You can search for barrels using a boat to get from one point to another easily.

Now, grab a fishing rod and fish for a shark. When the shark catches it, it will start swimming fast. That’s how you can ‘ride’ the shark in Fortnite. You get complete control of the shark including boosting, jumping and you can shoot while you are doing it too.

So that’s everything about how to damage loot sharks in Sweaty Sands and how to ride a shark in Fortnite. Check out our other guides to find Gnomes at Homely Hills and Use a Whirlpool at The Fortilla right away.