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How To Fix Fortnite Ignite Opponents With Fire Challenge Not Working

Fortnite Ignite Opponents with Fire Challenge not working? Here's how to fix this issue and complete the Season 5 challenge easily.

Ignite Opponents with Fire is a challenge that you have to complete in Fortnite Season 5 but there’s a problem players are facing. The issue is that it’s just not getting counted! In case you are wondering why the challenge isn’t getting completed – is it a bug or is there a certain technique that will get it counted? Find out all about it in this guide on how to fix Fortnite Ignite Opponents With Fire not working guide.

How to Complete Ignite Opponents with Fire Challenge


You can fix the Fortnite Ignite Opponents With Fire Challenge not working issue by giving fire damage to your opponents that is NOT explosive damage. But if there is some splash damage caused due to explosion that will set your foes on fire, then it works. It even counts if you set yourself on fire, for some reason which is another way to complete this challenge.

So, to clear things out, there is no Fortnite Ignite Opponents With Fire bug. It’s just that players need to complete this challenge in a certain way that counts. Simply cause fire damage to make it happen and avoid explosive damage.

Follow these steps to complete the challenge and deal fire damage to your enemies:



  • Step 1: Get the Firefly Jar and equip it.
  • Step 2: Deal splash damage to your enemies by using the Firefly Jar.
  • Step 3: Also remember to not go for direct impact, splash damage will make things easy for you.
  • Step 4: When you have successfully got 10 damage ticks, this challenge will be completed.

We hope this clears out the confusion about this challenge if it’s not working for you. Remember that some weapons deal explosive damage or even direct damage but that won’t count. Getting the fire damage ticks is what will help you complete this task easily. But if it doesn’t work despite trying multiple times, go for the best and fastest way to do it which is by setting yourself on fire.


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