Fortnite Season 5: Where to Upgrade Weapons

Upgrade your weapons to become stronger.

With the arrival of the new Season 5 in Fortnite, there has been a lot of changes in the game’s mechanism. One of the most noticeable change, however, is in the weapon upgrade system. If you are looking for the weapon upgrade benches that you used until Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, they won’t be available anymore. There are an entirely new system and locations where you can upgrade weapons in Fortnite Season 5.

You will now have to locate NPCs instead of upgrade benches to upgrade your weapons. Previously NPCs were more for cosmetic purposes, but their importance has significantly grown since the arrival of this new season. Not every NPC can help you upgrade your weapons, and we don’t yet know all the NPCs that can get let you do that. But we will be updating this post as and when we find their location or Epic Games releases the locations themselves. Once you find the eligible NPCs, you can upgrade weapons in Fortnite Season 5 by paying a certain amount in Gold Bars.

Where to Upgrade Weapons in Fortnite Season 5?

Here’s a list of all the NPC locations that will offer you to upgrade weapons in Fortnite Season 5.

  • Kit – Catty Corner: You can find Kit most likely near a trailer in the open compound at Catty Corner.

kit npc catty corner location

  • Beef Boss – Durr Burger: The location of Durr Burger is slight to the west of Weeping Woods. Once at the location you will find the NPC Beef Boss who will let you upgrade weapons in Fortnite Season 5.

beef boss npc durr burger location

  • Fishstick – Craggy Cliffs: Fishstick is located inside a diner at the northernmost tip of the Craggy Cliffs region.

fishstick craggy cliffs location to upgrade weapons in fortnite season 5

  • Reese – Dirty Docks: The location of Reese is probably the westernmost tip on the map. You will find Reese on the first floor of the warehouse building on the coastline of Dirty Docks.

reese npc dirty docks location

  • Brutus – Dirty Docks: Find Brutus just closeby to where you found Reese in Dirty Docks. You can get this NPC at the southern end of the Dirty Docks area.

brutus npc dirty docks location to upgrade weapons in fortnite season 5

  • Fishstick – Coral Castle: Don’t confuse this character with the one at Craggy Cliffs. The appearance might be the same, but this Fishstick is located right at the center of the Coral Castle.

fishstick npc coral castle location

  • Tomato Head – The Pizza Pit: The Pizza Pit is located in the northeast part of the map. It is to the north of the Colossal Coliseum area. Once at this location, you can find Tomato Head, a fun character to upgrade your weapons in Fortnite Season 5.

tomato head npc the pizza pit location to upgrade weapons in fortnite season 5

  • The Reaper – Sweaty Sands: The Reaper at the boost pad, inside a beach house located on the coastline near the Sweaty Sand region. All you need to do is enter the house, and you will find him walking inside. While in the west, The Reaper is the only character who can help you with weapon upgrades.

the reaper npc sweath sands location in fortnite

  • Sparkplug – Gas Station: Sparkplug is at a gas station located just to the north of Slurpy Swamp. You will find the NPC walking around the said station. There’s also a Fortnite Season 5 XP glitch close to this place that can get you unlimited XP.

sparkplug npc gas station location to upgrade weapons in fortnite season 5

  • Kondor – Misty Meadows: Finding this NPC character can be a bit challenging as you will have to explore the streets of a small town of the Misty Meadows area.

kondor npc misty meadows location

How to Upgrade Weapons in Fortnite Season 5?

Once you find the eligible NPCs, interact with them, and pay a certain amount of gold bars to upgrade weapons in Fortnite Season 5. To interact with the NPCs, press E on PC, X on Xbox controllers, and Square on PS controllers. Once the interaction initiates, select the upward arrow slot to select a weapon and upgrade it.

The upgrade mechanism has drastically changed; however, the cost is similar, and solely depends on the rarity of the weapons. Here’s a list of Gold Bars you will need to upgrade the weapons.

  • Uncommon weapons – 50 Gold Bars
  • Rare weapons – 150 Gold Bars
  • Epic weapons – 250 Gold Bars
  • Legendary weapons – 350 Gold Bars

If you don’t have enough Gold Bars, you can collect an ample amount of them by taking up NPC quests and completing them. Each NPC can give you different quests and each quest can yield a certain amount of Gold Bars.

That’s everything you need to know about how and where to upgrade weapons in Fortnite Season 5. While here, ensure reading our guides on how to get Mandalorian Sniper Rifle and Kratos skin in Fortnite Season 5.