Fortnite Season 5 XP Glitch: How To Get Infinite XP

Never run out of XP.

Several gamers have found an infinite XP glitch in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. The new season is here, and as we all know that new content can also bring potential glitches. That’s what has happened with the all-new Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. The XP glitch allows a player to get infinite XP in the game when he or she lands on a specific location. So, if you are on a hunt to find a way to never run out of XP, relax as your hunt is over with this glitch. In this Fortnite Season 5 XP glitch guide, we will discuss the exact location where you need to head to get infinite XP in Fortnite Season 5.

Where to Land for Fortnite Season 5 Infinite XP Glitch?

The location to head for the Fortnite Season 5 XP glitch is in between the Slurpy Swamp and Weeping Woods. It is at the gas station that you will find at the said intersection between the two areas. You can refer to the below image for help with the exact location.

fortnite season 5 xp glitch location

Once you reach the area, all you need to do is roam and wait for the Fortnite XP glitch to work on its own. The location is actually supposed to give 8,000 XP for discovering it, but due to the glitch it is giving out the one-time reward repeatedly, and that’s the opportunity for you. As you hit the area where the glitch is, the game will give you a one-time reward. Once you get the reward, head to a different location, and get back to the same place for getting the same reward again. You can repeat this process until you collect all the amount of XP you need.

The XP can help you level up quickly in the Battle Royal pass and overall in the game. Hence, make sure to collect as much amount of XP as possible before the developers come up with a hotfix to solve this Fortnite Season 5 infinite XP bug.

That’s the end of our Fortnite Season 5 XP glitch guide. We hope that this will help you to easily locate the glitch location and collect infinite XP. There’s so much new content added in the new season. You can now collect a Mandalorian Sniper Rifle (Amban Sniper Rifle) and Kratos skin in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. While here, ensure reading where to find Ruckus in Fortnite to collect his mythic weapons. Also, consider reading all fish locations guide to easily add each of them to your collection.