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How to find Firefly Jar In Fortnite Season 3

Firefly jar is a new item in Fortnite Season 3, you will have to catch some bugs fill them in it and this new grenades is ready. Our guide will help you in finding the jar and bugs.

Fortnite Season 3 is filled with surprises and amazing new items to try on. One of them is a new kind of explosive grenade that can cause fire damage to players. With a decent radius, this new explosive is Fortnite Firefly Jar. You will have to find fireflies to fill up in the jar and then you can use it. Otherwise, it is just a jar, so you have two things to do. First, grab the jar, add to your load-out and then find Fireflies to fill them inside it. You can then throw them on other players to cause a decent Fire Damage. So here is everything about how to find Firefly Jar, how to find Fireflies, and how to use Firefly Jar in Fortnite 3.

Where to find Firefly Jar?

Firefly Jar is a random object, it can be found anywhere on the map. You will have to scan the area properly and part of Season 3 this item is under an evaluation period. There are chances you might find them quite easily in the game. Firefly Jar is added in Fortnite Season 3 but is like being tested and the spawn rate is low.

Once you find the lob jar you will have to find the bugs. Common locations are plantation and water. But there is no 100% guarantee that you will find the fireflies in those places, but keep looking.The first thing is to find an Empty Jar and then you will have to catch fireflies. If you find a bunch of flies go near them and interact. Your Jar is now loaded and you can throw it, players. Firefly Jar falls under the grenade category of Fortnite, it can also damage nearby players.

You can also find some bugs around trees, the best time to spot them during night time. They are easier to find because of the glowing lights. Just approach the flies and interact to catch them in the jar. One Firefly Jar can cause 40 damage to players.

Epic updated through the blog post there is a two week evaluation period to test new items in the game. This is to ensure the items do not cause any issue in Fortnite. Once it is over you will be able to see it more frequently and use the Firefly Jar in competitive matches.