Fortnite Coral Buddies Nuclear Age Secret Mission: How To Complete

Find out how to complete the Modern Age Secret Challenge and gradually the Nuclear Age Secret Challenge in Fortnite. Help out the Coral Buddies yet again!

Fortnite Coral Buddies ‘Enter the Nuclear Age’ is a secret challenge and completing it involves certain steps. You have to complete the Modern Age quest before you can move to the Nuclear Age. And as a reward for completing these missions, you get a good amount of XP. Moreover, you get to hear the super adorable squeaky voices of Coral Buddies as the cherry on top. So, without further ado, let’s check out how to complete the Fortnite Coral Buddies Enter Nuclear Age Secret Challenge.

How to Complete Coral Buddies Nuclear Age Secret Challenge

First, you should know where to land so here is the exact location of the Coral Buddies island.


The process to complete this mission for your little Coral Buddies is to collect 100 Metal so that they can build a rocket ship. Donate 100 Metal for this purpose by interacting with the launchpad.


Once you build the rocket, the first part of the challenge called Reach for the Stars (Modern Age Quest) will be completed. This will also earn you 25000 XP.

Next, the newly-created ship will launch towards space which will unlock the next phase of the hidden mission. This is the ‘Enter the Nuclear Age’ part of the mission.

Your task now is to move a nuclear container which will be placed inside a sunken boat right next to a huge rock. Adding a nice touch to it is the sound that it will make, indicating that it is extremely radioactive.

Get the container and visit the testing site nearby to begin the atomic test. You will see an explosion after which the Coral Buddies Enter Nuclear Age Secret Mission will be done. Again, you will get 25000 XP, making your total earnings come to 50,000 XP.

Previously, players have been on the Wood Age Quest and Stone Age Quest featuring these Coral Buddies, so this yet another way players have helped out the cute creatures. There’s a lot more to do in this game, though, like refueling your cars at Gas stations, listening to the Fortnite car radio, and more, so read about them right away.