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How To Clear The Forged ID Mission In Mass Effect 2?

Forged ID has been located while assaulting Harkin's hideout in the Zakera Wards factory district. Here is how to complete Citadel Found Forged ID Mission.

There will come a point in Mass effect 2 where you will get the chance to help Kalara Tomi to board a ship via the Forged ID quest. This quest can have two endings. So here is a walkthrough of the Mass Effect 2 Forged ID quest.

Citadel Forged ID Quest Walkthrough

As you are walking by, you will overhear a dialogue from Kalara Tomi who is sitting on the couch with someone and is sounding displeased. You will hear:

  • ‘I can’t believe these humans. No-fly lists? What have they turned this place into?’

This is your cue to go and interact with her to get the quest. Upon talking to her you will find out that she is having problems with the customs. She has been mistaken as a Geth infiltrator by the council and now cannot board a ship back to Asari space. You will get a number of dialogues to choose from.

These options will help you get an insight into the problem so refrain from choosing renegade options. Choose the options that seem fit that will let you help Tomi which are all the paragon options.

Talk To Tomi

But if you choose all paragon options, you will get the task to talk to the C-Sec customs officer who you will find at the shuttle port. Upon arriving at the C-Sec customs, to the right of the door entrance, you will find the customs officer. Interacting with her, it will be clear that the officer will not out any information saying that it is classified information and she is concerned about Geth infiltration. Choose all the paragon options here in this dialogue. Do not seem commanding and overpowering. Here, preferably choose the ‘They are not Geths’ option. So this will lead to the officer easing down a bit and flagging Tomi’s file for review. This will in turn allow her to travel.

Now you can go back to Tomi and give her the good news. She will be surprised and thankful at the same time.

Flag Case File

Renegade Options Outcome

If you choose renegade options when you initially talk to Tomi, you will have no option to go back and apologize to Tomi. You will clearly offend her and after a fairly lengthy lecture about humankind being bad. This will lead to an argument and you will not get the quest. The interaction will end there.

So that is all for our walkthrough on Forged ID in Mass Effect 2. If you would like to know about the Neural Shock Power in the game, make sure you check that article out too.