Mass Effect 2 Neural Shock Power

This guide will tell you all you need to know about Neural Shock Power in Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect features some of the coolest abilities that can be applied to your weapons, and upgrade them. With an environment that the game throws at the players, upgrading your weapons is never not a necessity. There are however some real gems with upgrades that can change your gameplay. One of them is Neural Shock. If you get your hands on this ability, you will feel like you have a whole new weapon altogether. So in this guide, we will tell you all you need to know about Neural Shock in Mass effect 2.

What is Neural Shock in Mass Effect?

Neural Shock is a tech power that the players can apply to their weapons in Mass Effect. The Engineer and the Sentinel class can have the power to use this ability. It can be unlocked after you progress in the Medicine talent. This ability is so sought after because this ability has no travel time. Most of the abilities have at least some travel time. It basically shocks the enemies for a brief moment. It hits in a straight line and is available to Shepard during the Advanced Training and to Mordin Solus as the loyalty power.

Neural Shock

This ability considerably slows down the enemy but works only on the organic enemies. You can use the Neural shock on Husks, Rachni, Varren, Humanoids, and Thorian Creepers. As the enemy is hit, it will be paralyzed up straight for 2 seconds and then falls down. When down, it will take double damage from your weapon. However, once it starts to get back up, it will be immune to your attack until completely back up. The ability also stops Krogan from generating altogether,

Ranks of Neural Shock Tech Power

The ability is upgradable up to 4 ranks that are mentioned below:

1 3 9 5
2 3 9 7
3 3 9 9

The 4th rank is divided into Heavy Neural Shock and Neural Shockwave. The first one will allow you to chain multiple shocks to a single target and the latter will let you hit multiple targets at one go with an impact radius of 3m.

So that is all there is to it on Neural Shock in Mass Effect 2. If you would like to know how to skip or jump cut scenes or how to get the Spectre gear in the game, do check out our article on that too.