How To Forge Items In Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Get Forgeries

Have a key item that more than one NPC is looking for in DD2? You can try to forge it and give them both each so that everyone can be happy!

One of the returning features in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is the ability to forge items. These are nothing but forgeries or duplicates of the original. But they are still a mere replica of the item you are duplicating. Depending on how important it is or on how sharp the NPC is that you are giving it to, they can spot whether it is original or fake. So here is how you can create duplicates in DD2 and some things to consider while doing it.

How to Forge Items in Dragon’s Dogma 2

How To Forge Items In Dragons Dogma 2 And Create Duplicates
Give Ibrahim the item you want to forge in DD2.

You can get a forgery created from Ibrahim at Checkpoint Rest Town. Don’t worry about having to go through extra steps to try to unlock the town, you get here via natural story progression i.e. after completing some main missions. Here is what you do:

  1. Go to the Checkpoint Rest Town.
  2. You can find Ibrahim’s Scrap Store on the northwestern corner of the map.
  3. Talk to him and choose “Request a Forgery”. This will now open your Arisen’s inventory.
  4. From here choose an item that you wish to duplicate.
  5. Next, give the item to Ibrahim and pay him.

Now, depending on the item you chose it can take a day or two. You can go to any inn or campsite to pass the days. After you are done spending the time, come back to him and you can collect your forgery.

Which Items You Should and Shouldn’t Forge in DD2?

Not all items are worth making a duplicate of and here is the reason why. If it is something very complex like a Wakestone it will just be a duplicate in looks. As such you won’t be able to use its abilities. Here is a quick overview of what you should forge and the one you should avoid:

Items You Shouldn’t Duplicate

Here are some examples of the items not worth duplicating:

  • Wakestone
  • Eternal Wakestone
  • Ferrystone
  • Certain Weapons, Armor, or Accessories

Best Items to Forge in DD2

  • Items needed for Side quests like Keys.
    • Gaol Key
    • Jade Orb
  • Upgrade materials
  • Simple things that you can use like potions.

That is all for how to forge items in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and make duplicates. Since you are interested in this game, you should also check our guides on how to get Art of Metamorphosis and how to unlock Mystic Spearhand.