Flying Fish In Adopt Me: Worth, Trading Value & Rarity

With the Summer Festival 2023 event recently out, a wide collection of new exclusive pets are added to Adopt Me! One of these includes the Flying Fish which are the most recently added pets in this time-limited event. Since the Summer Fest will last only four weeks, you might not want to miss out on getting this exclusive pet. But what is the Flying Fish worth in this Roblox game? And what’s the rarity type of this time-limited pet? Check out our guide to find out everything about the Flying Fish in Adopt Me.

What is Flying Fish Worth in Adopt Me?

flying fish adopt me

Being released with Summer Festival 2023 update, the Flying Fish in Adopt Me is worth 3,750 Beach Balls. As a time-limited event, you can earn Beach Balls by grinding on the mini-games. While there will be three games throughout the Summer Fest, you can play only one minigame in the first week.

Currently, you can play Scooting Stars mini-game to earn Beach Balls. Found at the Adoption Island, this game revolves around riding a Jet Ski as you target Spinning stars. Once you have targeted enough stars, you will earn Beach Balls as a reward.

Coming back to the Flying Fish, you can make its Neon and Mega Neon versions. Its Neon version glows Yellow on top of its body, tail, feet, and part of its wing. While its Mega Neon has not been made yet, you can head out to the Neon Cave to make this limited-edition pet glow.

Current Value & Rarity

While the Flying Fish in Adopt Me has a Common rarity, you can trade it to gain better pets. That’s because due to the ongoing event, this pet is increasingly popular among Roblox players. So, if you have these exclusive pets stacked up, trade them for an equal or better value.

Taking advantage of its trending popularity, you can also grab Neon or Mega Neon versions of other pets. In addition, you can also trade Flying Fish pet for higher-rarity vehicles, accessories, and toys.

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