Shark Puppy In Adopt Me: Trade Values, Rarity & Worth

With the recent Summer Festival 2023, plenty of new exclusive pets are added to Adopt Me! Shark Puppy is one of the most recently added characters in this time-gated event. As the Summer Fest will last for four weeks, many eager players want to get this pet as quickly as possible. While some players have started earning the event currency to buy this pet, many are looking for a decent trade. But how rare is Shark Puppy? And how much is it worth? Check out our guide to find out everything about the Shark Puppy in Adopt Me.

What is a Shark Puppy Worth in Adopt Me?

shark puppy adopt me

Released recently with the Summer Festival 2023, the Shark Puppy in Adopt Me is worth 100,000 Beach Balls. While being a time-limited event currency, you can earn Beach Balls by playing minigames. As confirmed by Adopt Me, there will be three mini-games throughout the Summer Fest. But only one minigame will be available for the first week.

Currently, you can take on the Scooting Stars mini-game to earn Beach Balls. You can find this mini-game located at the Adoption Island. While its Mega and Neon versions have not been made yet, you can head to the Neon Cave to make them.

How Rare is Shark Puppy (& Trade Value)

The Shark Puppy is a Legendary pet in Adopt Me introduced in the Summer Fest 2023. Since this pet is quite popular due to the ongoing event, you can trade it for an equal trading value. As the Shark Puppy’s worth is currently more, you can trade it for Neon Crow or Neon Evil Unicorn.

However, note that its current value and worth can be a bit less than the Neon Evil Unicorn.

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