Adopt Me: How To Make A Neon & A Mega Neon Pet

Tired of looking at other neon pets and want one of your own in Adopt Me? Check out this guide to learn how to make one.

While playing Adopt me you will see many players roam with their Neon pets and might want to make one for yourself. And if that is the case then you are partially in luck because the process to make Neon pets is fairly easy. But while the process is easy it is also very tedious and requires a lot of grinding. So in this guide let us check how to get a neon Pet in Adopt Me and how to make a Mega Neon Pet.

How to Make a Neon Pet in Adopt Me

neon cave location in adopt me

You can make Neon pets by fusing four of your full-grown pets at the Neon Cave. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Get four pets and start growing them. These 4 pets should be of the same type, otherwise, this method won’t work.
  2. There are seven stages of leveling up your pet starting from newborn all the way to full-grown.
  3. Once you have all four of them fully grown take them to the Neon Cave.
    • You can find the door to the Neon Cave under the big white bridge. Check the image for reference.
  4. Once you enter the cave you will find four spots for your four fully grown pets.
  5. Place one on each spot.
  6. This will merge the four pets and you will get a neon pet.

adopt me get neon pet

Warning though, once you merge your pets you cannot revert the changes. The four pets will be gone in exchange for your new neon pet. Also, the neon pet you get will be a newborn so you will not only lose 4 pets but also their progression. Thus if you still want to continue then feel free to merge them.

How to Get a Mega Neon Pet

The process to get a Mega Neon Pet is exactly the same as when you make a Neon Pet. You need to fully grow 4 Neon Pets and merge them. Here is what you have to do for it:

  1. Fully grow four neon pets of the same type.
  2. Place them on the four spots in the Neon Cave.
  3. They will fuse and you will get the Mega Neon Pet.

That covers everything you should know about how to make a Neon & Mega Neon Pet in Roblox Adopt Me. If you are interested in this game you might find our guides useful on how to get the red squirrel pet and the trading value list for pets.