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How To Get The Red Squirrel Pet In Roblox Adopt Me

Check out how to get the Red Squirrel in Roblox Adopt Me.

Adopt Me constantly gets some awesome updates and if you want to get the new pet of the Toy Shop update, here’s how. This pet is the Red Squirrel in Adopt Me and it’s an ultra rare one at that. It has a nice brown color, tiny limbs and black eyes. What makes it even cuter is the heart-shaped nose. Check out how to get this pet easily.

Roblox Adopt Me Red Squirrel Pet


Roblox Adopt Me Red Squirrel

Players can buy this premium pet by spending 200 Robux. It is only available via purchasing right now. So, if you have the amount, head over to the Shop Tab and buy the Red Squirrel in Roblox Adopt Me from there. Select the ‘Unlocks Pet Red Pet Squirrel‘ and once you confirm, you will get this cute pet. Note that this is a non-limited pet so it is here to stay. There’s also Neon Red Squirrel and a Mega Neon Squirrel that have a mustard yellow and rainbow colors on them respectively.

This game is super fun because of all the pets you can obtain and raise. Pets will go from being a newborn to full-grown. If you don’t want to purchase pets, though, you can hatch them via eggs. Once you have them, you have officially ‘adopted’ them and now you need to to take care of them.


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