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All 9 Flower Locations in God of War Ragnarok (Nine Realms In Bloom)

Locations of all nine flowers spread across nine realms to unlock The Florist Trophy.

Nine Realms In Bloom is one of the toughest favors in God of War Ragnarok. To complete this favor you will have to gather 9 flowers that are scattered in 9 Realms. This means you will have to progress through the story and keep on collecting the flowers to unlock the Florist Trophy. You can keep this GOW Ragnarok Flower Location guide with you and as you are progressing through the main story keep collecting the flowers.


Nine Realms in Bloom Walkthrough – Flowers Locations

To unlock Nine Realms In Bloom favor you will have to play the game till Chapter 10: Forging Destiny. The first flower is in a village area, and collecting this will unlock the favor. After this, there are 8 more to go. In some places, you will need a Spear to swing to the other side.

1. Sparkthorn Location: Nidavellir (Svartalfheim)

 Ragnarok Flower Location 1


Follow the map to reach a village area in the Nidavellir region. Look for a house with a moving wheel on its right side. Throw the spear on the column and swing to the right end side of the house. The first is on the ground on the left o a house on right. Collect the follower to start Nine Realms In Bloom favor.

2. Dawnbloom Location: The Forbidden Sands (Alfheim)


Ragnarok Flower Location 2

The second one can be found in the Forbidden Sands, look for an area with blue sand as shown in the image above. You will have to locate the spot that has some wooden structure on its entrance. Just do not climb anywhere follow the path and you will find the second flower.


3. Ashpetal Location: The Crucible (Muspelheim)

Ragnarok Flower Location 3

The third one is in the Crucible region, you can fast travel to this region, but it requires two Muspelheim Seeds. For help, you can check our guides on Muspelhiem Seeds Locations and how to find Muspelhiem Seeds in GOW Ragnarok. On the opposite side of the mystic gateway look for a circular stone structure. The flower is on its right.

4. Soulblossom Location: Hel’s Perch (Helheim)

Ragnarok Flower Location 4

For the fourth one, you will have to go to Helheim, and use the Hel’s Perch mystic gateway which is the nearest point to the Soulblossm flower. After using the gateway take the first left and climb up. Again take the first left run and jump from the first opening on the right. You will land in a huge open icy space.

Ragnarok Flower Location 4

Next, you will have to climb up, but before doing that walk a little ahead and throw a spear, so that you can swing to the other side. Climb up, and walk to the right end, the fourth flower is near a dead soldier.

5. Starblush Location: The Sinkholes (The Crater – Vanaheim)

Ragnarok Flower Location 5

For the fifth one, you will have to travel to Vanaheim and go to the Crater region. Dock the boat as shown in the exact location in the screenshot above. You will reach a region with stairs. Walk straight and turn right towards the fire lamp. Turn again from the lamp and then walk till the end, turn left to reach the flower.

6. Ironbell Location: Angrboda’s Treehouse (Jotunheim)

Ragnarok Flower Location 6

Use Angrboda’s Treehouse mystic gateway and from there take first into a cave. Keep following the path on right and you will spot the sixth flower.

7. Milkweed Location: Sanctuary Grove (Midgard)

Ragnarok Flower Location 7

Use Sanctuary Grove mystic gateway and walk to the left side, until you see the tortoise. Turn right from the creature’s head and the flower is on the floor not far.

8. Frostfinger Location: Mist Field (Niflheim)

Ragnarok Flower Location 8

Use Mist Field Grove mystic gateway and turn around. Look for swords and walk a little ahead and you will find the eighth flower.

9 . Dreamshade Location: Aesir Prison Wreckage (Niflheim)

Ragnarok Flower Location 9

The final flower is also in the same region. But it is inside a prison and you will need to shoot a few spears to swing to another side to reach it. First, follow the map location and look for a huge white icy tree. This will be our landmark, do not walk near the tree. Look for a broken rocky path on the left of the tree. You will have to jump over the rocks, continue till the end of this path and climb down.

Ragnarok Flower Location 9

You will see the huge broken prison area, take the first right and shoot the spear into one of the structures made of redwood on your right. Return back and swing to the other side, then lift the chain up on the left to move this structure a little below. Once again use the spear to swing to the lower floor of the prison. You will have to repeat this one last time, lift the chain, and swing again. On the third lowest floor look in the prison at the right-end corner for the flower.

That’s it you have now collected all 9 flowers of Nine Realms in Bloom Favor. 750 XP rewards are for Kratos and his companion. Also, you will unlock the Florist trophy after completing this challenge. For more help with all realms, check our guide on How to open all realms in GOW Ragnarok. Also for more puzzle solutions, you can check our GOW Ragnarok Wiki Guide.