Rocket League: How To Perform Flip Reset

Check out these tricks to master flip reset in no time.

No matter if you have gotten into Rocket League recently or have been following it for a while, you must have seen highlights of cars flipping upside-down mid-air and getting some insane goals. This trick is actually known as Flip Reset, and with a little bit of practice, you too can perform it.

But before you go ahead and start using it in competitive matches, there are a few things you should know about it. These include its setup, proper timings, and more. So here is a step by step guide for how you can perform it.

How to Do Flip Reset in Rocket League

How To Flip Reset In Rocket League
Image Credits: Rocket League on YouTube

You do a flip reset when you flip your car upside-down and hit the ball with all four wheels. This sounds a whole lot easier than it is done though. Sure you may be able to pull it off occasionally, but if you want to do it consistently then you should know its setup. Since it is an advanced move, you also must know air dribble for it. So here is how it is done:

  1. Start by pushing the ball toward the wall. Make sure to not do it too fast or too slow.
  2. As you get closer to the ramp of the wall hit the brakes to create some gap between your car and the ball.
  3. Now, use the boost to catch up to the ball. Try hitting it such that your car touches the ball after it reaches half the wall.
    • I recommend you practice the above steps a few times before continuing ahead.
  4. Make sure you use the ball cam instead of the car cam. Now, continuing from the second step, after you touch the ball mid-wall tap breaks again to create a gap again.
  5. Now, jump + boost + air roll all at once toward the ball.
  6. Finally, boost yourself toward the ball and tilt forward such that all wheels hit the ball.

Keep practicing and you will be able to flip reset in no time. In case you are having trouble then you can practice it in parts like only pushing the ball till half-pipe or doing jump + boost + air roll at the same time and eventually piecing it all together.

With that, you should be able to flip reset and hit some interesting goals in Rocket League. Since you are here also check our guides on how to speed flip, grab someone, and the best cars.