Vortex Checking For Update Failed Error – How To Fix

Unable to use this mod manager because you keep getting “Checking For Update Failed” error on Vortex? Here’s everything you need to know to resolve this issue.

Vortex mod manager is one of the best ways players can access mods and carry out all the modding-related functions for their games. Apart from consisting of a multi-game support system, it also makes modding easy for its users by helping them sort out all their mod issues and conflicts by utilizing its umpteen features. Although this tool is easily accessible, many players have been recently reporting that they have been encountering the error, “Checking For Update Failed” on Vortex. Since this issue can cause unnecessary hindrances, especially while trying to use this tool, you can refer to the fix we have mentioned in this guide and quickly resolve this error.

How to Fix Vortex Checking For Update Failed error

How To Fix Vortex Checking For Update Failed Error

If you are not able to use Vortex mod manager, it is possibly because you still have the old version of this tool. There are a ton of users who are facing this error and it is because they own the outdated version.

Since Vortex’s digital certificate has been renewed, and the auto-updater might not perform adequately, users will have to manually download and install the latest version of this tool from the site.

Furthermore, the update you need to install is the 1.10.8 version that has been recently uploaded. The developers have said that there are a ton of features that have been updated, as a result, downloading the new update might not only help you get rid of this particular error but will eradicate all the other persisting bugs you previously faced as well.

In conclusion, the issue you are encountering with the Vortex mod manager is due to the usage of an outdated version, once the new update has been manually installed, you will be able to solve this error.

This is everything you need to know if you want to fix the Vortex “Checking For Update Failed” error. You can also browse through our Mods section and check out how to fix the Vortex download failed 401 error and the failed to get a list of collections error.