Valorant Keeps Crashing: How To Fix It

Does Valorant randomly close or freeze on your PC? Check out the troubleshooting methods to fix it.

Many Valorant players are facing an issue where the game randomly closes mid-game or keeps crashing. This is a major issue and can be frustrating when you’re trying to play with your friends or trying to grind ranks. Players are also reporting that Valorant freezes mid-match and shuts down during matches. Since Valorant receives new updates regularly, it’s bound to run into some issues. However, we will tell you some methods to try and fix it.

Why Does Valorant Keep Crashing Mid-Game?

Why Valorant crashes or freezes mid-game

The major reason for Valorant to randomly close mid-game is outdated, missing, or corrupted files. As we mentioned, Valorant regularly receives new patches and updates to balance the meta or fix the errors. While the game downloads these automatically, sometimes, it may face issues and the files may get corrupted.

How To Fix Valorant Keeps Crashing Error

To fix the crashing issue in Valorant:

  • Restart the Game and the PC
  • Check your Network Connection
  • Update your GPU Drivers
  • Shut Down Background Applications

Fix 1 – Restart the Game and the PC

This may seem like the obvious answer but it will fix most of the issues. The game downloads several files in the form of cache data. Restarting the game clears these cluttered files. The game may also crash due to Valorant’s Anti Cheat software. To fix it, restart your PC and check if the problem persists.

Fix 2 – Check your Network Connection

Another simple thing you should try before moving on to troubleshooting methods is checking your network connection. If you have poor internet, then the game may crash mid-game. Perform a speed test online to check if the internet is running properly. If using a router, try powercycling it to fix this issue.

Fix 3 – Update your GPU Drivers

Outdated GPU Drivers can also cause Valorant to crash mid-game. These updates are automatic but you can also manually check for updates. Visit the official driver pages for AMD or Nvidia and check for the latest drivers. Alternatively, you can also go to the Device Manager through the Windows search bar. Then, navigate to Display Adapter, right-click, and select the Update Driver option.

Fix 4- Shut Down Background Applications

Valorant needs a substantial amount of memory to run smoothly. If you have other memory-heavy apps running in the background like Premiere Pro, then the game is bound to crash. To avoid that, make sure you close any unnecessary background applications. Moreover, you can also open the Task Manager by clicking Ctrl + Shift + Esc and shut down hidden applications.

We hope these methods help you fix the “Valorant Keeps Crashing Mid-Game” issue. If none of the methods work, then we recommend you contact the official Valorant Help page. While you’re here, make sure you check out our Redeem Codes guide to get free rewards.