How To Fix Valorant Critical Updates Required

Looking to fix the Valorant Critical Updates Required error? Here's our guide with the troubleshooting tips you need.

Valorant Critical Updates required error is turning up every time you try to update the game. It also displays we were unable to apply this update while other games are running. Additionally, players who are installing the game for the first time have also come across this error. While Riot is yet to provide any updates on the problem we have found a couple of troubleshooting tips that will potentially help you fix this error.

Valorant Critical Updates Required Troubleshooting Tips

How To Fix Valorant Critical Updates Required

Although there is no permanent fix yet, many players have been able to workaround the ‘Valorant Critical Updates Required’ error by simply ending the process through the Task Manager and restarting it once again. The cause of the error is still unknown and even though you have closed any running app, the error might still show up. So make sure you end the process through the Task Manager and restart.

Additionally, players have also found it useful to run Valorant as an Administrator. This has allowed them to bypass the error and update the game. Simply right click on Valorant and then head over to properties. Now, head over to the Compatibility tab until you find the box named Run the program as an Administrator. Check the box and that should do it.

Since there are no permanent fixes, these are the best working troubleshooting tips currently. While there are other troubleshooting methods like updating Windows that have been useful for some players, the cause of Valorant Critical Updates Required error might be different in those.

If you have not been able to fix this error yet, we recommend you contact Riot Support immediately. Since they are professionally placed to help you, they might provide you with a better solution soon. If you liked this guide, make sure you check out our dedicated Valorant section for more such content while you are here at Gamer Tweak.