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Easy Way To Fix Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt Braindance Bug?

Check out how to fix the hunt braindance bug in Cyberpunk 2077 right here

Cyberpunk 2077’s The Hunt Braindance bug has been leaving them unable to progress in the game rendering them to be stuck at a certain point in the game without giving a clue as to how to progress and what to do next in the game. If you too are suffering because of the same bug, we’ve got the answer as to how to fix it right here. Make sure to check out how to fix the Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt Braindance Hunt right here.

How To Fix Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt Braindance Bug?

To fix the Hunt Braindance Bug in Cyberpunk 2077, you will need to complete the first part of the Braindance sequence by scanning all the highlighted items in the room that include the bulletin boards, trophy, and the teacher. Once you’re done with it, press Circle on PS4, B on Xbox One, and X on PC to progress in the game. This will take you to the second phase of the braindance.

How To Fix Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt Braindance Bug?

The biggest problem is the part that there’s no bug in this quest, rather Cyberpunk 2077 fails to mention what to do next, this lack of information has been causing a lot of problems to people from progressing in the game. Once you scan the teacher and click on the button to exit the Braindance, your quest will continue as it should, this will ensure that you do not face any bugs in the Hunt Braindance quest.

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The Hunt quest requests you to help River uncover some of the missing clues by reliving the braindance. While you’re in the braindance sequence, make sure to check out every possible corner for additional clues and if possible try to follow the sequence of analyzing the bulletin board first and the teacher last.

This will ensure that you do not face any issues while completing the quest and progress easily in it. There’s nothing special that you need to do or wait for an update to get the bug fixed in Cyberpunk 2077, this is all there is to know about how to fix Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt Braindance Bug.

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