How To Fix Snapchat ‘Temporarily Disabled’ Error

If your Snapchat account has been ‘Temporarily Disabled’ and you are looking for an easy solution to get it back, then here’s what you need to do.

Snapchat users are always trying to capture the perfect moment to share it with their friends and family. However, this experience has come to a halt as many users have recently been bothered by the ‘Temporarily Disabled’ error that takes place regularly.

When you encounter this issue, it doesn’t tell you for how long your account will be disabled which can cause a lot of frustration, especially if you are maintaining a Snap Streak with someone. Therefore, if you want to find the reason behind this problem and how you can easily fix it before this issue escalates, here is a complete guide that will help you get access to your account.

Why is my Snapchat account Temporarily Disabled?

What Is Snapchat Temporarily Disabled

You are most likely facing this issue because you tried to log into your account with the wrong username, email, or password. Even after you enter the wrong details 2 – 3 times the app will allow you to retry. However, if you keep entering the invalid details multiple times your account will be temporarily disabled.

This error also happens when you try switching from one Snapchat account to the other regularly. This will become a problem only if you are using two different accounts from one device. Therefore you can eradicate this problem by sticking to only one account on your device.

How to Unlock Snapchat account once it is Temporarily Disabled

If your account is temporarily disabled you will have to go to the Snapchat website and select the ‘Unlock’ option. Make sure you are only using this option if you have lost access to your account due to the reasons mentioned above. If your account is disabled because you have violated Snapchat’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service and you try to use this method, your account might get permanently blocked.

Additionally, you will only not be able to get access to your account from the device you were using. For example, if your account was temporarily disabled while using Snapchat on your mobile phone, you can log in and use this app on some other device.

If you wish to use the same device, you will have to wait for 48 hours before you log in again. However, if you can’t seem to get access to your account even after 48 hours, you will have to contact Snapchat Support and submit a request.

This is everything you need to know if your Snapchat account has been ‘Temporarily Disabled’. Snapchat is even more fun when you are making use of the Butterfly lens and playing games with your friends. However, don’t forget to check the meaning of IMSG before you get your account back.