How To Fix Slow Walking In Starfield

Wondering why your speed has lowered all of a sudden in Starfield? Follow this guide to get an easy fix to avoid Walking Slowly.

Walking Slowly in Starfield can become a burden as the game allows the player to explore different planets and star systems. However, you can’t be completing missions, exploring, scanning minerals, and looting all while tiptoeing around. There is a high chance that you have lowered your speed by accidentally pressing the button that disables the Auto-Run Mechanic in the game. After a certain point, your slow pace will start to get frustrating. Check out our guide to understand how you can easily get this issue fixed.

How to Increase Walking Speed in Starfield (Fix Slow Walking)

How To Increase Walking Speed In Starfield

  • To start walking and running at your normal pace again, click on the Caps Lock Key to increase your speed.
  • This will enable the Always-Run Setting. 

Other Reasons why you are Walking Slowly

  • You might also be forced to walk slowly in Starfield if you are Over-Encumbered because you are carrying too much weight. However, you can still decide to sprint if you want, but it will directly take a toll on your CO2 consumption.
  • This will happen if you have stuffed your inventory with items, exceeding the current item limit.
  • You will be able to get rid of this issue by making use of your ship’s cargo space and storing a few of your items there, and later you can sell the ones you don’t need.
  • Similarly, you can also request your companions that are accompanying you, to hold onto your belongings, so that you can start moving at your normal pace again.

Benefits of having a Slow Walk in Starfield

  • Exploring in Starfield while walking at a slow pace has its own set of benefits. You can use this feature and turn off your Auto-Run option to move stealthily, especially while walking around your enemies.
  • When you are walking slowly, your footsteps aren’t audible, so you can use this feature to your advantage.
  • That being said, slow walking can also be used while Pickpocketing, as no one will be able to hear you sneaking up behind them.

This is everything you need to know about Walking Slowly in Starfield and how you can fix it. Get to know more about Starfield using our guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.