Helldivers 2 Purple Question Mark Bug – How To Fix

If you are looking to get rid of the Purple Question Mark bug in Helldivers 2, here are a few steps you can use.

Helldivers 2 is a fast-paced, thrilling third-person shooter with numerous features, such as dynamic missions, defeating dangerous alien bugs, strategizing, and exploration. However, this game also has its fair share of glitches, bugs, and errors that can cause unnecessary hindrances while playing. Similarly, players have been recently frustrated by the Purple Question Mark bug in Helldivers 2.

Apart from trying to find a fix for this, players have also found a way to use this glitch in their favor. However, if you want to quickly resolve this issue to get back to your game without this sign appearing over your head, here’s everything you need to know.

What is the Purple Question Mark Bug in Helldivers 2?

How To Fix The Purple Question Mark Bug In Helldivers 2
Image Credits – EternalWindTWR on YouTube

Some players have noticed a big Purple Question Mark floating above their heads (or around them). As startling as this is, visually, players have also realized that they aren’t able to access their loadouts when they are experiencing this glitch. As a result, you might be prohibited from using your primary or secondary weapons while completing a mission or task.

Surprisingly, this lingering bug also benefits the player. You will be able to use your Stratagems without any cooldown period. However, if you still want to eliminate this persisting glitch, here are a few fixes you can try.

How to Fix the Purple Question Mark Bug in Helldivers 2

Although Arrowhead Game Studios is predominantly active in resolving annoying glitches and errors, we haven’t received a fix for this particular bug yet. Therefore, here are a bunch of fixes that have helped other players.

Reselect your Weapons

According to a Reddit user, the best way to get rid of this glitch is to head to the Armory Terminal and select your weapons again. This fix has worked for most players, so it is worth trying.

Swapping Weapons

Another player on Reddit suggested that you can fix the Purple Question Mark bug in Helldivers 2 by swapping your weapon with another weapon found on the ground.

Restart the Game

Lastly, some players have also claimed they could eliminate this bug by exiting and relaunching the game. Sometimes, a simple restart can help you get rid of minor bugs and glitches.

You can use these solutions to fix the Purple Question Mark bug in Helldivers 2. Don’t forget to check out how you can use the Jump Pack and learn more about the Flying Bugs, available here on Gamer Tweak.