Oculus Software Update Stuck Issue: How To Fix It (Possible Fixes)

Suraj Nai
2 Min Read

Wondering how to fix Oculus Quest getting stuck at the Software Update screen, then this is just the right guide for you. Just like you, many players out there are facing the same error, which is ruining their gameplay experience. For those who are unaware, because of this error players are also not able to pair their device with a system. If you’ve tried everything but the issue doesn’t seem to go away, then check out some more workarounds mentioned below.

How to Remove Oculus Software Update Getting Stuck Error

How to remove Oculus Software Update Getting Stuck Error

Unfortunately, as of now, there are no official solutions to fix the Oculus Software Update getting stuck error. However, do take a look at some possible fixes mentioned below. There might be something that you have been missing.

  • Check your Internet Connection, that’s because usually it is the main problem causing such errors.
  • Restart the Headset and try installing the update again. Sometimes a quick reboot can remove the cache interrupting the process.
  • Charge the device sufficiently or else the update process will keep on getting stuck. As we all are familiar with, running low on juice can surely cause such kinds of issues.
  • Try resetting the headset to remove all sorts of bugs and errors. However, do note that doing so will erase all your data.

If trying all the possible solutions mentioned above is not working for you, then we suggest you contact the support team. On the other hand, there’s a chance of the Software Update being faulty. So in this case, waiting for the Meta Team to fix it seems to be the right option.

With that said, this covers all about the possible solutions to fix the Oculus Software Update getting stuck error. While you are here do check out the best VR games to play. And if you are a fan of shooter games, then you’ll surely like the best Shooting games list.