How To Fix NBA 2K21 Daily Bonus Not Working?

NBA 2K21 Daily Bonus Not Working issue has been affecting players worldwide. Check out how to solve this server issue impacting VC in game

NBA 2K21 Daily Bonus Not Working for you, well you’re not the only one. This issue has been affecting the game ever since NBA 2K21 was released and if you’re looking to fix the issue, here’s how to do it.

How To Fix NBA 2K21 Daily Bonus Not Working?

The NBA 2K21 Daily Bonus issue has been raised because of the Virtual Currency glitch in the game. Players are entitled to earn daily bonuses for completing tasks but as it turns out a lot of players haven’t been receiving their VC.

The issue is at the server of NBA 2K21 rather than something being wrong from your side, as of right now there’s not much as a player that you can do even if you have bought NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition or even bought VC from the in-game shop.

While the 2K Support twitter account claimed that the developers are working on a fix as soon as possible, still some players haven’t had the VC credited back to them in the game.

So, keep calm and wait for a while and you will surely get the Daily Bonus that you’re owed, on the other hand, you can also talk to 2K on their support twitter account or mail them.

While this looks pretty bad right now, you still can earn VC by completing daily tasks it’s just that you won’t be able to see them or spend them until 2K solves their server issue.

This is all there is to know about how to fix  NBA 2K21 Daily Bonus not working issue in the game, the game has had server issues since launch and you might want to check out how to Dunk and upgrade attributes in NBA 2K21 if you’re fairly new to the game.

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