Call Of Duty Mobile: How To Fix Facebook Login Error

Wondering how you can fix the Call of Duty Mobile Facebook login error? Here are some easy solutions you can use.

Many Call of Duty: Mobile players have been reporting a Facebook login error. If you have been trying to launch the game with your Facebook account and have faced the same problem, here are some tips and tricks you can use to solve it.

However, before you use any steps mentioned here make sure you are using the right login credentials and check if both Facebook and CODM servers are facing any outages. Once you have made sure of this, you can use all the methods we have listed and get back to your game without any hindrances.

How to Fix Call of Duty Mobile Facebook Login error

Call Of Duty Mobile How To Fix Facebook Login Error
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Facebook App Permission

You will have to check and see if you have given Call of Duty: Mobile access to your Facebook profile, and make sure both these accounts are connected. In order to do this –

  • Launch your Facebook application.
  • Now go to your Settings and search for ‘Review Connected Apps’ from the list.
  • Check if Call of Duty: Mobile shows as a connection.

Apart from this, you can try to log out and log into Facebook and check if the issue still persists. Also, you can check and see if there is an update for this application and install it.

Clear Cache

Sometimes this error occurs if you have unwanted cache files and data as well. To get rid of this, you can go to either your Android or iOS Settings, open your Storage option, and search for the Call of Duty: Mobile application.

Now if you are an Android user you can click on the Clear Cache option. If you are an iOS user, click on the Reset Cache option. After you have completed this process, try and launch CODM and check if your issue is solved.

Check Internet Connection

If you are still facing this problem, you might mostly have an unstable internet connection. Try to check and fix this internet issue and launch the game once again.

Reinstall CODM

Another method you can try is reinstalling the Call of Duty: Mobile application. Start the game to check if the error still persists.

Contact CODM Customer Support

If the above-mentioned fixes don’t work, you will have to contact Activision Support page and address your issue in order to get help.

This is everything you need to know in order to easily fix the Call Of Duty Mobile Facebook login error. If you are looking for more guides on this game, make sure to browse through our Call of Duty Mobile section, available here on Gamer Tweak.