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How To Fix Mario Kart Tour Error Code 806-6502 For Android

Trying to play Mario Kart Tour on Android but you get error 806-6502? This guide will help you fix it.

Mario Kart Tour is a fun way to enjoy Mario Kart on your mobile devices. But while the game is enjoyable what people don’t like is having login errors. And one such error Android users are facing is the errors like 806-6502 and 806-7250. For the error 806-6502, the game loads to 81% and then gives this error, and players cannot start the game. So in this guide let us take a look at how to fix Mario Kart Tour support error code 806 6502 and more for Android.

How to Fix Error Code 806 on MKT


mario kart tour error 806 fix

You can use these fixes to solve Mario Kart Tour not working and any errors in the range of 806-0000 to 806-9999.

  • Check for updates: Trying to play with an older version can cause such issues. Simply go to the Playstore and check if there are any updates available for the game. If there are then update the game and then try playing again.
  • Restart the game: The most basic fix here is to restart the game application. Properly close the game and remove it from your recent apps. Now, open the game again.
  • Restart your device: Another basic trick when nothing works is to restart your phone.
  • Remove secondary account: This might be quite an extreme step if you use multiple accounts on your device. Simply remove your secondary account and try opening the game. If it works you can try adding the account back.
  • Reinstall the game: Uninstall the game and reinstall it from the Playstore. Also in order to ensure the game’s authenticity try installing it only from the Playstore and no third-party sources.


How to Fix Support Error Code 806 Connection Issues in Mario Kart Tour

Below are some of the general fixes you can use to solve error 806. You can try all of these fixes until your issue is resolved.

  • Check your internet connection: There is a fair chance your internet might be having issues. You can check that by doing a speed test or trying to run another online game on your mobile.
  • Reboot your router: Continuously keeping your router on can be bad and might give connection issues. Simply turn off your router and wait for a minimum of 10 seconds then turn it on again.
  • Enable flight mode: If you aren’t playing on wifi but on your mobile data this method helps. Simply enable flight mode on your device, wait for a bit and disable it. This should refresh the connection provided by your service provider on your end.


How to Check Mario Kart Tour Server Status – Are Servers Down?

This is how you can check if the servers are down:

  • Check MKT Twitter: This is the official Mario Kart Tour Twitter page. Here you will not only get updates about any servers issues but also about the incoming updates for the game.
  • Visit Downdetector: Downdetector is where you can check if any outages were reported for MKT in the last 24 hours.
  • Check Nintendo network status: Lastly, check the official Nintendo network status page. Because if you see here that the servers are down, then you have no other option but to wait.


That sums up this guide on how to fix support error 806 in Mario Kart Tour. If you liked this guide be sure to check out our best characters and items tier list for Mario Kart Tour.