How To Fix Dinos Not Spawning In Ark Survival Ascended

Wondering where did all the Dinos go in Ark Survival Ascended? You can learn how to Fix this Spawning error by following the steps mentioned in this guide.

Many players have been looking for an easy solution to Fix Dinos Not Spawning error in Ark Survival Ascended. The creatures are a huge contributing factor in this game, specifically the Dinos. Players have been disturbed as they are not able to encounter even a single Dino after scouring the entire map for hours.

This has led to heated discussions taking place on social media platforms, and everyone has been addressing their concerns about this error. If you have been facing this same problem, you can try out some of the solutions we have mentioned below.

Ark Survival Ascended: How To Fix Dinos Not Spawning Error

Ark Survival Ascended How To Fix Dinos Not Spawning
Source – Steam

After a lot of debate about this issue, there are a few fixes that worked for some of the players. You can find these easy solutions here:

The solution that helped a lot of players get rid of this error is by using a console command. If you are not aware of how you can activate the console commands in Ark Survival Ascended, you can check out our guide. Once you have opened the console, you can go ahead and type in the command we have mentioned below:

  • cheat DestroyWildDinos

After you enter this, all the Wild Dinos will disappear and will slowly start to respawn. To add to this, you will not lose any of your Tamed Dinos, during this process.

If this method doesn’t work, you can also try another option. To do this, you will have to launch Steam and from your Library, right-click on Ark: Survival Ascended. A list will appear, from here select the Properties option. In the General section, you will see ‘Launch Options’ and an empty box below it. Copy and enter preventhibernation in this box. By using this, the game will never despawn any Dinos.

This is everything you need to know about how you can Fix Dinos Not Spawning in Ark Survival Ascended. You can also check out how you can Tame Baby Dinos and other Ark Survival Ascended guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.