How To Fix The COD MW3 And Warzone Reload Glitch

Facing the reload glitch in COD Warzone? This guide has everything you will need to fix the issue.

The Call of Duty MW3 and Warzone reload glitch is another bug in the long list of issues that haven’t been fixed and the only thing players can do is look for a workaround. While the game has a huge fanbase and loyal ones, the regular problems with so many bugs are something that is starting to get on the nerves of players.

Players have noticed that they cannot reload their weapon while trying to sprint and they have to stop and reload. Although there is yet to be a permanent fix to this issue, there is a way around this bug that you might want to try out. If you have used the generic troubleshooting tips and are tired of this error, our guide has the steps you need to solve the glitch.

COD MW3 and Warzone Reload Glitch Workaround

COD MW3 and Warzone Reload Glitch Workaround
Image via Activision

The COD MW3 and Warzone reload glitch is caused by the auto tac-sprint which is bugged and players won’t be able to reload their weapon while running. In order to fix this auto tac-sprint glitch in Warzone, players will have to disable it. Once you turn off the auto tac-sprint, reloading will function as it should. Here are the steps you will need to disable auto tac-sprint:

  • Head to the Settings tab in MW3 and Warzone.
  • After that, select Controller and then head to the Gameplay section.
  • Locate Automatic Sprint and then turn it Off from the drop-down menu.

This should fix the MW3 and Warzone Reload glitch for you and you will be able to reload even while sprinting. If the error continues to persist, there might be some underlying issues and COD Support should be able to assist you better. For more Modern Warfare 3 guides and Warzone guides, do check out our dedicated section right here at Gamer Tweak.