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Elden Ring: How To Fix Arcane Scaling

Unable to get the stat boosts when Arcane Scaling your weapons in Elden Ring? Check out the fix for it in this guide.

Many players are facing issues with Arcane Scaling in Elden Ring and are looking for a fix. Arcane is one of the stats in the game that improves discovery and affects some incantations, sorceries, and more. The problem arises when players are making builds surrounding this stat but aren’t able to get its benefits. So in this guide let us check what is the Arcane Scaling bug in Elden Ring and if there is a fix for it.

How to Fix Arcane Scaling in Elden Ring


how to fix arcane scaling in elden ring

You can fix the Arcane Scaling bug by updating your game to the latest version. The patch in update v1.03 fixes this issue. In case you still face the bug then you should report it or any other similar bugs to FROMSOFTWARE. It will get resolved once the game releases an update after fixing it.

Another workaround to deal with this bug is respeccing your character and adjusting stats for other playstyles. You can respec in Elden Ring using Larval Tears. I recommend you check our detailed guide on how to respec in Elden Ring.


Alternatively, you can also start a new game. Don’t worry you don’t have to delete this save. You can resume your progress with your Arcane build once a fix for it is released. Till then you can check some of our best builds for Vagabond, Warrior, and Samurai.

What is the Arcane Scaling bug?

The Arcane Scaling bug is when weapons that scale with the Arcane stat won’t get the stat boosts. This is super annoying for the players that are focusing on Arcane builds. Thanks to user u/MontezumaIIAztec on Reddit for bringing this issue to light. You can check the entire conversation in this thread. As of now. there is no official acknowledgment by the developers on this bug and when the fix for it will be out. The good news is user u/Oggelicious27 on Reddit used the chat feature and relayed this issue to the game’s Customer service. They have shared the response by the customer service in the same thread given above.


That sums up this guide on the Arcane Scaling bug in Elden Ring and its fix. If you do plan to respec your character and focus the new stat upgrades on faith then check out our guide on the best faith weapons in Elden Ring.