Fishing Guide – Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

All about Fishing in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town - Find out how to get Fishing Rod, upgrade it and how to catch Fish.

Fishing is a crucial activity in any life simulation game. If you are wondering how to get a Fishing rod and catch fish in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town, we’ll tell you how to do it. Know all the tips and tricks about the Fishing gauge and find out how to upgrade your fishing rod as well.

How to Catch Fish in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

To fish in SoS PoOT, you have to first equip the fishing rod and face the water body where you want to catch fish like ponds, rivers or sea. Press the Y button to cast the fishing line and wait until the fish decides to bite. At the right time, that is when there’s a ! over it, press Y immediately. This is how to catch fish using the Fishing rod in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town.

Note that there is a Fishing gauge where in you have to pay attention to the colors. Once you see green/blue, press and hold the Y button. In case you see red, release the Y button immediately. This mainly indicates the strength of the fish and your fishing rod’s pulling power as well. Your main goal is to ensure the fish symbol reaches the top of the gauge after which the fish will be caught. If it ends up at the bottom of gauge, the fish will swim away. Making the right decisions in the fishing minigame will affect the durability of the rod so players need to keep this in mind.

how to catch fish using fishing rod in sos poot

How to Get Fishing Rod in SoS Pioneers of Olive Town

You can get the Fishing Rod from Marco’s House. When you enter it, you will see a cutscene after which Manuela will give you the Fishing rod. You cannot craft it nor can you purchase it, going to Marco’s House is the only way to get it. To equip it, simply open up the Tool Bag and choose the Rod from there.

How to Upgrade Fishing Rod

There are multiple upgrades available for the Fishing rod.

  • Iron Fishing Rod: You need 3 Iron Ingots and 3 Lumber.
  • Silver Fishing Rod: You need 5 Silver Ingots and 5 Solid Lumber.
  • Gold Fishing Rod: You need 10 Gold Ingots and 10 Supple Lumber.
  • Orichalcum Fishing Rod: You need 20 Durable Lumber, 5 Mirage Lumber, 20 Gold Ingots and 5 Orichalcum Ingots.

When you upgrade your fishing rod, your chances of obtaining higher quality fishes increase and this will help you earn more money via fishing as well.

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