How To Get & Upgrade Bucket In SoS Pioneers Of Olive Town

Here's how to get, use and upgrade Bucket in Story Of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town (SoS: PoOT).

In SoS: PoOT, the new game from Story of Seasons, players get to experience the farm life. You will need various tools for multiple purposes and you will have to upgrade them too. One such item you will require is the bucket in Story Of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town. Want to know how to get it and use it to get rid of water puddles? Find out right here. Keep reading to know more about upgrading the Bucket as well.

How to Get Bucket and Use it to Clear Puddles in Story Of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town

You won’t find a Bucket in Sos PooT until the morning of your seventh day. After the rainy day 6, you will get the Bucket from Clemens on Day 7’s morning. Once you get it, open up your Tool Bag by pressing X and select the Bucket to equip it. Note that the Bucket cannot be crafted or purchased from a shop, this is the only way to obtain it.

How to Use it?

To use your equipped bucket, simply press Y to collect the water and clear the puddle. This will be useful especially for those who want to get rid of puddles on their land. When you find a pond and drain its water, you could even find a treasure chest. But of course, you need stamina to make it happen. Once you find the treasure, you can talk to Reina at the Olive Museum to know more about it.

How to Upgrade Bucket Sos PooT

How to Upgrade Bucket

Wondering how to increase Bucket capacity? You will get it by upgrading! Once you obtain the Bucket, you can then work on upgrading it to an Iron bucket and Silver bucket. Here are the materials you need for your upgrade:

  • Iron Bucket: 3 Iron ingots
  • Silver Bucket: 5 Silver ingots

When you upgrade your Bucket, you will be able to scoop up more water which will speed up your process of clearing or emptying ponds. You will save a lot of stamina as well so players should definitely focus on upgrading it as soon as possible. Don’t forget to check out our Tools guide which has all the steps to upgrade tools.